Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Prescriptions and pictures.

I can't be bothered to think up an inventive title. It took me forever to think of what to write for this blog anyway.

So my Mum phoned up the Dr asking to put me on Cipro. The thing that clinched her decision to phone up was cause my sats dropped to 91% after 5 minutes on the wii fit. I was getting exhausted, fast. It's ridiculous. She also said that we're gonna have to think about suggesting having 3 weeks of IVs instead of 2 weeks from now, her point being that every single round of IVs in the last year have left me needing Cipro afterwards, and scheduling the next IVs not long after. We're just waiting for the Dr to call back, as we got his secretary on the phone.

I'm trying to see the bright side here. But Cipro does nothing for me. At least, I've never noticed it to. The only thing is the temporary LF increase which I can enjoy. Next time I go on IVs, if the Dr agrees with the 3 week thing, it'll just mean I'll feel much better afterwards, which will definitely be welcome. Cause, I just don't have the time or the patience to deal with lungs that refuse to co-operate after all the drugs we throw at them. Hell, even being totally compliant doesn't agree with them. Although I know that if I wasn't compliant I'd be really screwed, so I'm still gonna keep it up. When I wasn't compliant, I saw doing all my meds as such a chore, but now it's just part of my day. So it's simple and easier to keep it up.

Oh, and I got my prescriptions picked up today. A bit more than I realised it would be... haha. I'd basically ran out of everything, so I just thought 'Sod it' and ticked everything. Well, almost everything. I didn't bother getting more colomycin or Tobi nebs as I've still got enough for now.

But still:

Hmmm I like putting pics on my blog. What else... *rummages*

And lastly, I miss my laptop. I sent it down to the Acer repair centre which inconveniently happens to be in Plymouth (Which, I actually found I've been pronouncing wrong for the first 18 1/2 years of my life). And Plymouth happens to be about 10 hours away. There was something wrong with the screen I think. An annoying yellow line would appear now and again, and after a few days, a blue and a pink line decided to join the party. It was starting to fucking look like a pregnancy test result. After a few weeks of this, I got sick of it and decided it needs fixed. And hey, my laptop is only a few months old, so my repairs are still free.

However, if I ever choose to buy myself a laptop again, there's not a force strong enough that would make me choose Acer. What possessed me to think it'd be a good choice is beyond me. But I'm not a techy person when it comes to laptop specs (or other techy stuff, but that's a whole nother story). I'm currently using my Mum's laptop. It's a few years old, weighs about 2 stone, and when you're typing it has the habit of jumping back into the middle of your sentence, deleting everything you've written or switching windows completely, so you can imagine how enjoyable it was to even just write this blog. In the past week, you wouldn't believe how many times a fucked up sentence came along on msn, cause the cursor thing jumped around whilst I was typing. I look like I've decided to close my eyes and just mash away at the keyboard. In fairness, that would probably make my typing more legible.

I also keep getting static shocks on my wrists, as the edge of the laptop is metal, sort of looks like a giant speaker across the edge of it. Anyway. This is messed up too and now my wrists are starting to sting a bit. I hope they send my laptop back soon. It's a simple fix, so it shouldn't take long. I have no Photoshop, no Picasa, no webcam, I won't even dare to put all my photos on here in case it has a total spaz and freezes. The only thing I have noticed is that this XP starts up way faster than Vista.

But then again, I have my Windows 7 driver CD sitting patiently, awaiting the arrival of the much more friendly laptop which doesn't wish to attempt to electrocute me when I use it (Or take the plug out the wall either).

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HArmstrong said...

hey girl!
since i've gotten older 2 week stints of IV's never work for me anymore! at least 3 weeks is needed since I hit the age of 16! lungs get older, they get more stubborn, need more help longer it seems on IV's...

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