Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I know a lot of people who get graze boxes, usually once a week or so. And because I actually like healthy things (even though I barely scrape past what you could consider a 'healthy diet', cos I'm sure poptarts for breakfast isn't on that list) I decided to try this out - So I used a code from a friend, and ordered my first graze box, for free (and we always like free things). If I hadn't used a code, I would have only gotten my first box half price. My box came in the post yesterday, and yes, I know the idea is to eat it throughout the day, as small snacks, but I may have sort of demolished about 3/4 of it in 10 minutes. It was the flapjacks and the thai cracker things with sweet chilli dip that got me. I cannot for the life of me eat spicy things without being a wimp. But it doesn't stop me. My limit of spice is usually say... a korma. So sweet chilli dip sets my mouth on fire. Didn't really give much of a shit mind you, it was sooooo good!

This seems like a bit of a shameless plug for Graze... and yeah it kinda is - if you fancy a free box, here's my code


This has unlimited use - as many people as they like can use it to sign up and get their free box. And plus, if you use my code, I get a quid off my next box. They're £3.79 (free postage) but a pound is a pound. Add this to the fact that I'm trying not to spend more money cos of my holiday and the slight £80 parking ticket I got this morning... Nope, they're too nice to not have! Plus I suppose it's a few extra calories a day, which is my excuse. I'd say I'm doing well on the gaining side by eating rubbish all day. Really yummy rubbish. At the moment, when I'm bored (aka, hungry) I'll go for two poptarts, a corner yoghurt, a cup of tea and two or three chocolate bars. Nom nom. And I'd say that's probably how I gained 1 kg in two weeks (I weighed myself on the hospital scales when I went to get my needle changed) So I'm now 44kg and counting. I still need more, as the more I weigh, the healthier I am. Hopefully I'll come back from my holiday (8 DAYS TO GO!!!!) with an extra several kg attached, from the all inclusive. Plus there's a Hard Rock Cafe in Barcelona which I'm fairly determined to go to...

This has been a bit of a foodie blog. I'm starving now. Off to find more food!

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