Saturday, 21 January 2012


I'm going to London on Monday for 4 days.

I still haven't even considered packing properly - I've dug out my suitcase and thrown in a pair of jeans and a book. I refuse to do anymore. I can't leave it till last minute on Monday morning as I have to leave the house at 7am, and anyone who knows me will know I don't surface willingly before 11am at least. In all honesty I don't really want to go, I don't consider anyone from college a close friend, so I feel like I'll be on my own the entire time. We've been told that there's a lot of walking every day, and we'll be 'eating on the go'. Going to exhibitions and the like that will bore me to hell, as I hate those things. There's a reason I didn't go to museums or galleries or exhibitions the first time I went to London, and I'm not keen on it this time.

Bright side is that each day doesn't start till 10.30, and when we go to the various photographers and the like, we won't be forced to stay all day. Plus I think we have the evenings free, and all Thursday free to do whatever we like, before catching the 5pm train back to Newcastle.

I'm fairly sure I'm going to get good and lost whilst there - considering we're going to be allowed to pretty much roam free when we get the chance, and we've been given a couple of maps and advice on oyster cards or day tickets for the tube or the train or whatever it is. I think I'll just find the nearest cafe (preferably a costa/neros/starbucks) and live there to avoid getting cabin fever off the other deaf student who I seem to always be landed with - I think it's college's idea of keeping and eye on us in case we need help (cos apparently I'm a helpless disabled student who can't do shit). They've pretty much forced me to share a room with her, whilst every other student is getting excited about choosing rooms and who they'll be with. The amount of people I've had asking for the list of medication I'm taking (which I find hilarious), my dr's number, my parents mobile numbers, I've even been asked for the address and phone number to the hospital in London with a CF dept too, they clearly all think I'm going to just drop dead in the middle of Kings Cross or something. I've just finished 2 weeks of IVs specifically started so I'd be at my best for this trip (which failed epically as some unhelpful bastard gave me a cold mid IVs, thank you...) but no matter how many times I tell students/support workers/tutors etc that I will be fine, that means nothing to them.

Urgh. I'm off to stare at my suitcase a bit more. Maybe it'll pack itself...

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