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Christmas cheer.

Had a great Xmas, favourite present was a digital camera that I totally didn't expect (A 'bridging camera' apparently, not 'look how small this thing is, la de da).

Anyhoo, I went to the Dr today for a check up, and typically, whilst I'm there, my chest doesn't rattle of any sort, so I can't really explain to the Doc what its like, and he said today 'Well, I think you're pretty healthy for now' which, yes, is a great thing to hear, but I certainly don't think it while I'm rattling away. Which incidentally I have done since I left the chest clinic. Plus, there's that annoying supposed-to-be-a-stomach-muscle thing, which also disappeared as the hospital appeared into view. Bugger.

I did get some other good news that I'd gained weight. Yey! So far, for the past two visits I've gained a kilo on each one, which is good for me, considering the whole crap appetite, and the fact that CFers supposedly burn calories twice as fast and s…

Quel est le point!?

I never understand why, after I've had an impressive coughing fit, people, namely my friends or nosey as hell teachers, ask if I'm OK, or if I need a drink.

First off, half the time the coughing fit is because the water goes down the wrong way (constantly!!) but when I'm really coughing, everyone stares at me like I'm a complete loon, but A) its not my fault, and B) if I could stop it, I honestly, honestly would. But every time, someone will ask 'Are you OK?', and I'm sick of giving the exasperated response of 'Yeah' as I can't be bothered to go into it and they know perfectly well, that its a ridiculous question anyway.

At the moment I'm attempting revision (And failing!!) as I've got A2 level exams in January that I need to pass so that I can get high enough grades to get into college. That is, if they ever send me an offer. We have to send our forms through a site called UCAS now, as its all done there and you can apply for multiple …

Biting your tongue.

I hate CF. It just seems to get worse. The past couple of weeks, my chest has been rattling. Yes, rattling which sounds like a cross between Darth Vader and a rattlesnake. Its irritating as my chest rattles inside too. I'm worried with each rattle it could be damaging my lungs just a bit more. Plus, rattling is usually a sign of a chest infection. Or rather a new one. Which shouldn't be there, as I've just had a two week course of IVs which finished yesterday (Freedom!) which means that I should be better. Yes, I'm coughing just a tad less, but its not as horrendous as it is when its bad. Unfortunately I had a cold for the majority of my IVs, which basically made them almost useless.

With the IVs came a few interesting side effects. I never used to get side effects from my IVs, but I seem to be getting them now for two reasons: A, the dose has been upped up, and B, one of the antibiotics are still relatively new to me; Colistin. (In a way; I'd had it before in a n…

Karma has a warped view of... karma.

If people knew me, they'd probably not laugh at me when they notice I didn't hear something, for example, when someone calls for me and I don't notice. If they knew me, they'd know full well that if they laugh and I notice, I'm very tempted to go over to the arsewipe(s) and punch them there and then right in the schnoz. But, unfortunately, I give off the impression of a (slightly grumpy) small, blonde kid, who is clearly younger than she'd like to appear - which is good when you're older, but not quite so great when you're 17. Also, as I don't exactly go parading around in my karate suit, they have no idea I was a blue belt before I jacked it in. (Long story, involving some sadistic karate teacher who would only seem to let the guys go to grading. Basically, if I was a guy, I would have had my brown belt ages ago. So I had a perfectly good excuse for getting sick of the place).

Anyway, back to where I started. Last Thursday I went to the hospital fo…