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As the title says it all! There's no need for a blog as I have nothing to say basically, the one word above sums it up nicely. So here's some photos I've been meaning to upload. It's a total spam of Chicago, fireworks, water drop photos from a very boring afternoon, and a cheeky photo of me in my graduation get up holding my pretend diploma (And I've finally just gotten the actual certificate in the post, 6 months late...)

 Considering I felt awful here and was on cipro with no appetite, I found it funny people say I look quite healthy here! Good lighting gave me a bit of colour I suppose! And a few lingering freckles from the sun in spain!

Adding my own touch to the place... ahem

Casa de NHS

Once again I've landed myself in hospital with the charming leash to the wall otherwise known as O2. Joy. This is the second time this has happened in two years, I swear, this better not be an annual thing, as it happened last winter too, and I find O2 so bloody irritating even if it's only for a few days. I have no idea how other people put up with it cos my nose is so itchy!!

Please ignore my fringe, cos someone decided it needed a trim, and now someone has to look like a twat whilst it grows back to an acceptable length.

I only came in yesterday (Thursday) and as my IVs finish on Monday, and it seems the O2 is helping (also cos my sats dropped to about 89 last night when the O2 fell off) I'm stuck here till Monday at the least. Or rather, I'm stuck here till Monday then I'm fucking off cos I'm sure I'll be fine by then. And also bored. My family visited me earlier which was nice, but once again there's always the guilty feeling for them having to dri…

The good, the bad, and the incompetent

Small amounts of win include my sats settling down, my headaches going away, and successfully making sure that I never have to see a certain doctor I disagree with at my clinic ever again...

The headaches reached a point where I asked someone to call up clinic for me and arrange a quick appointment to talk to a dr and see if we could figure out what the headaches were - and if it was an O2 issue. My clinic itself is fantastic and I got an appointment for the next day. I understand that some people may have to wait ages for an appointment with their hospital, or might even just wait till their next schedulled one. I could have done that, considering my next appt was literally a week away, but I wasn't keen on keeping the samba drum going in my head for that long.

Suffice to say, the appointment itself wasn't as successful as I hoped. There's three doctors at my clinic, and they divide the patients between them, making sure we each keep the same doctor so they have a better …

De ja vu, I've been here before

I've been treated to the joy of massive headaches again, a la last year when I got admitted twice (in total, for a week) with splitting headaches from low sats resulting in needing oxygen. Which also results in near decaptitation every time you forget you're attached to the wall and try and stray more than a foot from your bed.

It shouldn't happen this year though, I'm hoping. I've got a sats monitor and I know my 'normal' sats are around the 97 point, and at the moment they're around 93. I did have a particularly banging headache yesterday and checked them, and they were at 90, but it probably wouldn't have lasted for long as that was after a charmingly nasty coughing fit. Last year when I was admitted, one of the consultants basically left me with his closing words of 'Stop checking your bloody oxygen saturations' as he was convinced I was basically sitting in a corner repeatedly checking them and panicking at every number. The truth is I …