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Kerry xxx

This isn't a blog I wanted to write.

Obviously, it's not a blog you want to write about anyone. But with Kerry, it seems even more unfair. I wanted to be able to write one day that she got the call she'd been waiting for and was recovering from the lung transplant so she desperately needed. Beyond needed.

But that never happened. On 21st March, Kerry passed away, surrounded by her family, fiancé, and puppies. She was 23.

I do wonder if Kerry knew the staple status she clearly held within in the CF community. As she was too ill and too exhausted to post on facebook herself, people would be hanging on the every word that came via Josh, her fiancĂ©, as he tried his hardest to keep people updated on her, even when things were quiet and there hadn't been much change. For nearly two years Kerry waited on the transplant list for a call that never came, and it was an even longer battle before that to gain the weight she desperately needed or else she would be refused to go on…