Monday, 8 February 2010

Why you shouldn't press buttons.

I got attacked by a shower.


At work, I was minding my own, messing about with the buttons that switch the shower on in one of the cottages (It was a sort of disabled bathroom, so it was effectively a giant shower. I wasn't sitting in the tub like a complete idiot). This was clearly where I started to go wrong, but I carried on regardless. So I'm turning the buttons (there were two of them) and as the shower wasn't switching on, I continued to twist it. On, off, on, off. There were two different shower heads too, so I had no idea which one would switch on, so I was also satisfying my own curiosity. And continued to switch the buttons on and off.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

I twisted both one way, and there was this sudden WOOSH of water, but it quickly stopped. Not before it soaked my leg, but it did stop, almost. It kept dripping in a steady stream and I was twisting both buttons like mad to stop it, before I really did drench myself. This was where I went wrong a second time.

I twisted both the buttons to the right, and the other fucken shower head decided to join in on the fun. This one soaked my arms and my right leg again, and also threatened to soak my work top. I bashed the buttons again and it all switched off. Then I legged it before I was tempted to turn the damn things again, as next time would probably entirely soak me, and it was a cold day. Plus, the fact I have HAs. Breaking them wouldn't sit well with me, and somehow I don't think my Dr would buy the 'I was just fucking about with the shower buttons and it soaked me, thus breaking my HAs. Can I get new ones please' as an excuse.

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Anonymous said...

You dont me but I came across your blog a while back.
Anyway, speaking of destroying HAs with water, I was sitting my a pool once with my head phones in so took my HAs out and put them in my pocket. Bout an hour later I forgot they were there and jupmped in the pool.

Yeah needless to say my doctor wasnt to impressed.

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