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Back, again, but am I staying..?

I am the worlds worst blogger, although this is for many a reason. As always I blame the whole writers block thing, although maybe this one isn't true, I just don't have anything to write about, and I'm not talented enough to make sitting around doing fuck all sound interesting. But yeah, I was feeling bad about the crapness of my blogging, especially as I was thinking about Bree and how we used to talk about our blogs a lot, we'd always ask for input on everything from trying to find a non-shitty background, or each other's opinions on our most recent posts. Once people die, and they're one of the main reasons you did something, say blog, or go on msn, you find less of a reason to go on once they're gone. Bree was the only person on msn that I'd talk to who I don't now talk to on facebook chat, and she was also one of the people's who's blogs I'd look forward too, as they'd always be funny, witty and interesting, no matter what she …