Saturday, 3 September 2016

Holiday excitement

So i turned 25! I feel so old considering I still regularly pass for 15. I know, I always get the 'you'll be grateful when you're older' comments too but they do get boring after a while. Sort of like the 'wow you must rattle' comments when people hear how many tablets you take a day.

Speaking of tablets, I'm 4 days away from finishing my holiday prep IVs and I've started packing up for holiday (10 days!!!) and even though I don't take a serious amount of stuff (I think I'm probably mid way, i do take plenty but i don't take as much as some of my other CF friends) my suitcase appears to be 3/4 full of meds. I'm only taking a cabin bag and an extra carry on, I get far too worried about putting things in the hold. But what really got me is that when I asked someone on british airways twitter account about possibly having an extra carry on just for meds - and what i got in reply was "oh don't worry, we have quite the generous carry on allowances"- even AFTER she asked me to list everything I'm taking! Which, if you were wondering, goes as follows:

9 x dnase
9 x saline for neb
eflow (with plug and batteries)
eflow mouthpiece
tobi pod
9x days of orkambi (36 tabs)
3 x pots of creon (I'm so glad i only take around 5-7 for a meal!)
antisickness (taking 9, enough for one a day, as they also help with some reflux)
salt tablets (at least 3 a day, maybe more)
symbicort inhaler
ventolin inhaler
Spirivia inhaler
9 x calogen shots
fluxclox (72 caps. I know, its loads. Blame my doctor)
omeprazole (18 caps)
urso (18 caps)
Vit A+D (18 caps)
Vit E (9 caps)
Vit D3 (1)
pred (18 tabs)
Azithromycin (4 tabs)

overall: thats 510 or so tablets, 18 neb doses, 9 supplement drinks, a nebuliser with the essential bits and 4 inhalers. For 9 days.

I'm pretty sure thats all. Oh and by the way I'm also meant to be able to fit everything else! Like toiletries, clothes, my camera, phone charger, sunglasses, all the documents etc. The bright side is that coming back I'll have loads of space! I'm taking everything in the original boxes as that should be easiest, along with a letter from my cons. I'll be putting everything in the dossett box when I'm there, but don't want to travel with them in the box already as a, if it opens then thats just too upsetting to even consider - its bad enough when you spend ages decanting it all, and knock it over on a table in the process of shutting the lid. Also, some airports may not be too happy about it - considering I'll be going through 5 overall (including arrival) just on the way there, 3 of which are in america.

I promise to put up a long picture-esque post when we're back. I'm hoping to get at least one good one of me and john as that was all the charities asked for in return (you know, the CF charities that give you money specifically for your holiday)

I really hope the pictures turn out okay too - I wont be taking my fancy pants DSLR as it weighs a tonne and is also very expensive. We do have insurance that covers that but its just too risky for us. So Im taking an unused bridge camera from John's mum, which I've tried a few times and its okay, just so odd not being able to control as much as you can on the D90!

Hope everyone's had a lovely summer! I actually got a bit of a shock to realise kids were going back to school next week!

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