Not sure what to think...

Erm, what?!

I just got this email, from a random stranger. It was from some sort of e-card thing, with this message attached:

Meg: Have you been treated by a Psychiatrist? You seem to need one badly. Not only your writing on your websites shows you are a big baby, but you are a bit (maybe a lot) whacky, and too self righteous. I think you have more than what was that? CF? Consider dropping a visit to a pschiatrist, you might benefit from it. I am sorry you have this illness, but consider it urgent to get emotional help. It's only for your mental sake. After reading all you have writen online. specially4u
Hope you'll like it!


I don't know what to think when I read this. And for your information, I don't see a psychiatrist. And I don't feel the need to see one as I have this blog to vent through. Yeah, that's one of the whole main ideas for me creating this blog. (A second reason is to connect with other CFers and other wonderful people.)

I clicked on the link that followed the message, it was an e-card of a baby sitting in the middle of the screen, and pulls the message 'You did great, congratulations!' out of it's diaper. Riiiight. I think the whole point was because it was of a big baby sitting in the middle of the screen, and the woman's message said that she thinks I'm a big baby. I usually like it when I get emails from people who have read my blog, offering kind words, and they make me smile to think that someone has spent even just 5 minutes of thir day to write a kind message to someone they don't even know.

What do you think?


Piper said…
meg, sweetie, here's the deal: whoever this was/is, don't give her a second thought (easier said than done, i know). honestly, this woman reads your blog, then feels the need to write to a complete stranger with a disease she obviously doesn't know the first thing about (judging by the "what was it? CF?" comment) to tell the author she should seek mental health. who does that? if you want to talk about self-righteous, i'd say claiming to be able to diagnose mental issues of people you've never met is pretty self-righteous. if you want to talk about being a "big baby" then i'd say continuing to read and actually letting yourself get worked up enough to comment about a blog you clearly don't like is pretty whiney. in short, this woman's email most likely reveals HER issues, not yours.

keep writing, feel free to vent, and most of all enjoy your make-a-wish trip! you so so so deserve it!
Kathryn said…
The "woman" is obviously the one with a problem. I love your blog and only wish I could express myself as well as you do. Ignore, forget or even laugh at these stupid comments.
MBNAD woman said…
Bolleaux. That's what this person is talking. Absolute bolleaux.

Mad x
Bree said…
People are douchebags. I don't think you have mental problems. They can go to hell, and they can walk.
Graciy said…
You are so truthful in your blog. Just because not everyone blogs the way you do doesn't mean we don't feel that way at times. Why the heck is she reading if she doesn't like to hear what you have to say.

I don't have CF but My husband does. Reading blogs like yours helps me understand what he's going through so much better.
Anonymous said…
Meg, your blog is what you feel and quite honestly you are more mature in your thoughts and perspectives than most 17yr olds in this world. Ignore what this person sent. The day she lives in your shoes she can then comment, although I highly suspect she will have a much different view.

Keep writing girl! Your thoughts are shared by MANY SANE CFers! All you do is write them down on a piece of "paper". I enjoy your blog and obviously this person doesn't really care about your well being if they sent it anonymously. Coward!

Gemma said…
That is indeed strange, just block their email and ignore them. If one wants to whine one shall! I think people read blogs sometimes and think you must walk around with a face of thunder all the time, I very much doubt you are like that. Like you say, your blog is to vent so you don't end up venting at other people!
Kellee said…
I think we pretty much all have had things like this happen. I let it upset me pretty bad at first and even thought about not blogging anymore.

I love your blog and think you do a wonderful job! Whoever this person is odviously dont have or love someone who has CF (or anything else for that matter)

Keep doing exactly what your doing and add this person to the very top of your prayer list.

Christy said…
Ditto on what everyone else said!!!!! Keep on writing girl. :)
V_x said…
Just ignore it!! You have every right to put anything you want on your blog, if she has a problem with it then she just shouldn't read it!! You have more important things to think about than the rantings of an insecure woman who is completely jealous of your intelligence and wisdom beyond your years!! lol maybe it's Mina!!
Amy said…
If she thinks you are crazy she should read mine hahahha!!!!!

Screw her. My mom always told me if you don't have something nice to say then shut up. Words that this POS woman should learn to live by. And since she reads your blog hopefully she reads all of our responses and she realizes what a mental case SHE it.
Kristen said…
That is such an ignorant email! And the link shows her extremely low level of maturity. The unfortunate part of blogging is it opens us up to the douchebags of the world. But, don't let that stop you from venting and sharing your story!
Heidi said…
People are such idiots! Ignore it! Keep writing, because ALL of the rest of us know that you are amazing!
Claire said…
As a trainee therapist I can safely say that the only person a sandwich short of a picnic is the person that sent the email! What a buffoon!

I think your blog is immensely inspirtaional and would/have recommended it for people to read. Guess what when you have a serious illness you are going to talk about the highs and lows! If you didn't then I would be worried.
Beth said…
Meg, Your blog is absolutely inspirational! Everyone has their own issues and opinions on how to deal with YOURS. If i had a blog when I was growing up with C.F., I'd have been in a whole lot better place! I keep a diary as my therapy and many people do!

I commend you for your writing and exposing yourself to the world. C.F. is NO JOKE! As a 32 yr old living with the illness, I know it takes a STRONG person to work through the day! You are amazing for what you have been through and go through! Don't be bothered by others and their opinions. You do YOU and what makes YOU feel the best. The rest of us will keep reading and supporting you!

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