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Car washing adventures.

I checked another thing off my list - I went through a car wash with my car.

Yeah yeah, I know, something really simple. But I'm one of the most laziest people you could know, so I never get round to doing things. At least it was an experience.

Because, as you should know, me being me, I managed to not close my door properly. The car wash had a code thing where you have to lean out the window and enter the code, but b/c I'm pint sized, I just got out the car and entered the code that way. And obviously didn't shut the door properly - half way though and my sister pointed out that there was drips coming in through the door. I quickly opened and closed it again, and two minutes later she said it was still dripping; this time my seat belt had caught in the door stopping it from being shut completely. Quickly closed it again, and checked the car whilst waiting for the car wash to do its job - my seat belt was soaked and the back seat was fairly splashed. It wasn't bad, it…


I know, I know. I've not blogged since the dinosaurs. Oops. I'm on IVs at the moment, after managing to go a full 3 months for the first time in what feels like a long time, and dare I say it, I almost felt like I could postpone the IVs even longer, if I wanted to. I didn't - college starts back on the 13th Sept and I want to feel as well as possible, unlike last year, when I finished them about a month before I'd even started, and began first year feeling like, for lack of other words, complete shite.

So far so good, these Ivs have done their job and the cough that was starting to crop up again got battered down, to sound less like a horrible chesty gremlin and more of a pathetic cough that does nothing. Problem is though, this pathetic cough is just a pointless tickly bastard that won't piss off, and seems to take a lot of breath with it, it's hard to describe. I think it might be down to the mini cold I caught on Saturday and it stayed for almost a week, bu…