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The pain saga, continued.

Let's see... the condensed but informative version of my last week:

Go into hospital on Friday night after being in pain for a few days and actually sick to the back teeth of it. Get admitted, have bloods taken and Xray, etc. And those fun little things like MRSA swabs.. :|. Have port accessed and start IVs. Next day Doc comes in and says Xray and bloods 'didn't really show anything', and as it was the weekend I expected things to be a bit slow. On Monday I get a kidney scan to check out anything there, as that's specifically whereabouts the pain was. They were mainly looking for kidney stones or something like that. Bloke who was waiting for his own Xray at the time asks me if I smoke cos of my cough(!) Anyway, scan shows nothing of significance, and Doc comes in and says it must be a muscle. But I'm still not going home and still on IVs. Getting paracetamol 4 times a day which is doing jack shit as per. Physio comes in and gives me some funky li…

Temporary freedom.

I've been admitted. Brilliant(!)

Maybe I should start from the beginning:

A few days ago there was pain in my back and side (I guessed kidney area but I'm not sure it's actually kidneys?), I have no idea what it is, or what's causing it, but I know it bloody hurts. It's more of a horrible ache all the time but when I walk it gets painful to the point of not being able to walk any further, so I've been wheelchaired around places with people's wonderfully bad steering as entertainment and also making me fear for my life, even more than when confronted with the hospital food. I also put the fear into tesco when pushing myself round the place and crashing into a woman's ankle within 2 minutes of getting through the door.

I've escaped for a few hours and I'm at home at the moment. I don't have internet in hospital as I don't have a dongle, and I'm limited to checking facebook now and again through my phone. The room itself is nice, I'…

A little bit of everything.

Reading over my last few blogs I've realised I've missed out a fair amount! I'm trying not to write too many long rambly posts as they bore you off your collective arses, but I tend to have a lot to say in one go! I've been called a chatterbox far too many times in my life.

Lets see...

I was thinking over the past year how so much as changed. As in, personally, for me. Physically, I've gotten two tattoos, had my ears pierced 3 times and had a lottttt of my hair chopped off (and you either get people who say they love it or people who see an old photo of my almost waist length curly hair and they go "WOW, why did you cut it off?!") Mentally... I have no clue but I don't tend to go into those territories.

A fair difference, at least to me. I got my ear pierced on Friday, when I went out with my sister. It wasn't as straightforward as it was meant to be...
I abruptly decided I wanted the 3rd hole on my left ear pierced as we passed Claire's, an…

Maybe one day.

[Slightly behind on the times here as the blog has been a little bit neglected but I still wanted to write about it]
I've always been a bit pessimistic where a cure for CF has been concerned. I know a lot of people hope and get excited whenever a new drug comes along but frankly I don't want to waste my energy or have false hope on something that might not even work. I don't go about searching for articles about potential cures and drugs etc, mainly as they're just really really long reports or boring articles that can't hold my attention, and I don't have have a degree in biology and all that fun stuff that would give me even half of the knowledge to understand half the stuff they say, although I do understand more than the average person seeing as I'm surrounded by doctors, hospital staff, technical terms, drug names, etc all the time. It wasn't that long ago when I had a conversation to Gem about this sort of thing; one of the main reasons why Cfs r…

Photography is dangerous.

Considering I'm really, really clumsy, you can imagine it's a brilliant combination.
I have walked backwards into (very hot) studio lights and burnt my back and armsI've tripped over said studio lights and leads more often than strictly necessaryI've hit my head off cameras. In all honesty I'm not entirely sure how even I manage that I generally drop my film in the darkroom. Seeing as I've usually opened the film from it's casing at this point, I'm not allowed to switch the light back on and there's no red light in the processing rooms, so I spend a good 10 minutes, sitting on the floor, trying to find said film rolling across the tiny room. In the pitch black darknessThis usually results in me hitting my head off one of the baths with the chemicals in themAnd walking into the door And due to the darkness I've possibly put my film in the wrong baths and resulted in a blank film. My tutor enjoyed proving me wrong when I tried to blame it on him lo…