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Blog name change

Trying to change the blog title of this as I'm just sick of 'sixty five roses'.
I know a lot of people like it as its a more innocent way of saying 'cystic fibrosis', but it's so generic and over used, so I'd like something more unique, and hopefully a bit more me.
Unfortunately I have the creative capacity of a teaspoon, so I'm struggling. It takes me ages to think of a decent summing up title for a simple blog post, so this is impossible!
Any suggestions on a post card welcome!!


Because I am a blatant little copy cat, I've decided to mirror Gem's post on a summary of 2012, by the highlights of each month. Mostly because I always write a summary post at the end of the year (we're 2 days into this one, it still counts) and this seems like an easier way to summarise everything up, providing I remember (hello shit memory!). So I'll take a dive into my previous posts/diaries/and maybe a bit of facebook seeing as everyone chronicles their every living move on there... and try and remember what happened through 2012.

Went to London with college, which was a bit of a mixed bag but ended well, was on and off IVs far too much for my liking.

Went to Edinburgh with the boy! Our first couple of days away and enjoyed it so much. It was so nice to be alone together properly

Marks the beginning of all this potential CFRD ridiculousness. Thankfully up to this point I've still not needed insulin but it looks like I'm borderline and …