Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Blog name change

Trying to change the blog title of this as I'm just sick of 'sixty five roses'.

I know a lot of people like it as its a more innocent way of saying 'cystic fibrosis', but it's so generic and over used, so I'd like something more unique, and hopefully a bit more me.

Unfortunately I have the creative capacity of a teaspoon, so I'm struggling. It takes me ages to think of a decent summing up title for a simple blog post, so this is impossible!

Any suggestions on a post card welcome!!

Friday, 4 January 2013


Because I am a blatant little copy cat, I've decided to mirror Gem's post on a summary of 2012, by the highlights of each month. Mostly because I always write a summary post at the end of the year (we're 2 days into this one, it still counts) and this seems like an easier way to summarise everything up, providing I remember (hello shit memory!). So I'll take a dive into my previous posts/diaries/and maybe a bit of facebook seeing as everyone chronicles their every living move on there... and try and remember what happened through 2012.

Went to London with college, which was a bit of a mixed bag but ended well, was on and off IVs far too much for my liking.

Went to Edinburgh with the boy! Our first couple of days away and enjoyed it so much. It was so nice to be alone together properly

Marks the beginning of all this potential CFRD ridiculousness. Thankfully up to this point I've still not needed insulin but it looks like I'm borderline and will probably end up needing to stab myself after eating half the sweet aisle one day in the future. And everyone melted in some insanely nice warm weather for a change.

Quite a boring month, but I did get a distinction for my portfolio project which I was thrilled with after all the work i put in (and how much it cost!)

Managed a whole 3 months off IVs for the first time in a while (and possibly the only time through the year) which was a lovely break of being able to have unawkward showers for a full 3 months. Its the little things. Did the last few things at college before basically being finished for good, before our graduation in a couple of months.

Went to Spain with the lovely boy :) Had an amazing week away and freckled lightly.We also had the final show exhibition for college and it went quite well. Since the show I've sold two of the three prints I had displayed, as they were just sitting in the house collecting dust, and the third I gave to my sister as she wanted it on her wall.

I graduated college! With a 2.1 (merit) thank you very much! Tried cipro for the first time in years in my reluctance to have IVs so soon after finishing them, and it failed epically as I lost my appetite completely and I also caught a cold. Ended the month starting IVs in time for my birthday...

My 21st! And a couple of days away with the boy, which was my birthday present off him. Camping in a cute wooden 'pod' and a photographic experience day seeing some gorgeous owls! Sadly certain people wouldn't let me steal the tiny tropical screech owls even though they'd happily fit in my pocket.

Feeling a bit strange at this point, as I was so used to entering a new year of education at this point, but I've actually finished for good, as I opted to not do the optional 3rd year, as Ive never been keen on the idea of dissertations, or even writing a 500 word essay. This was also coupled with the fact that this was a separate course, so the new 9 grand a year fees would be mandatory. Thankfully I'd got into uni for the first two years just before this, and whilst I already have a hefty bit of debt because of two years worth of student loans, I'm glad I didn't have another 12 or so grand added onto it. Also, because this course wasn't specifically photography, and only included one practical throughout the year, and the rest was essays, I decided that giving it a miss was the best, especially health wise. Instead, I've been trying to start up my own photography business. It's obviously not the most successful thing so far, but I've had a few bookings and taken photos of some lovely people, and incredibly cute babies. Suffice to say, if all works out and this becomes a proper successful job, I will love going to work every single day. Being a photographer is my passion and something I'm incredibly driven to succeed in.

Went to Chicago! I was there for nearly two weeks and honestly got quite homesick but I really enjoyed myself and took hundreds of photos

I got admitted into hospital. Sad times. Thankfully only for 5 days or so whilst I was hooked up to the O2 to tackle the awful headaches I'd had. A few visitors, lots of haribo and a couple of midnight escape wanderings around the hospital and I was once again back home. Hoping that this year doesn't have a repeat as this happened in oct/nov 2011 and now 2012, so frankly, the need for a week of oxygen every year would seriously take the piss if it was to become the norm. It's a bit ridiculous, strange, and honestly, a bit of a faf I can happily live without.I also managed to catch norovirus at the beginning of the month, and whilst I only had it for a day or so, I do not want a repeat!

A quiet month I think, not a lot sticks in my head from this month but I did have an amazing Christmas and new years, spending it with various family, my boyfriend and his family, and of course my amazing friends. Probably ate enough to make a normal person gain 3 stone, and yet my jeans are still a shade too loose! Despite feeling a bit rubbish, I had a very positive clinic a few days before christmas day, and am entering the new year happy with my lung function, positive that I can improve it, looking forward to trialing the Tobi Pod inhaler, Dnase, and possibly a stronger steroid inhaler, and of course, some looming IVs that I feel well over due for, hoping that they'll send me feeling far better than I usually do, at least lung function wise.

I can hope, right?!


Hope everyone had an amazing 2012, got suitably hammered throughout the holidays, and  look forward to a fantastic 2013 

Lots of love x x x x x

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