Wednesday, 10 February 2010


As I write this my HR is currently 149 bmp. I seriously have no idea what's causing it - all I'm doing is sitting here watching a movie (For those nosey people, it's just John Tucker Must Die). But really. Maybe it's cause I couldn't catch my breath. Breathing really harsh and shallow is hardly a heart rates best friend. I could basically hear my HR. You'd think my hearts trying to break free at this rate.

I just checked it again and now it says 105bmp. Getting back to normal now, then. Down we go back to my normal 80 -or-so bmp.

Nothing else to say really. Just fancied freaking out a bit.


Katey said...

Sorry your heart rate is high. My heart rate is always faster than normal (pre-transplant and post-transplant). This last time I was in the hospital...mine would be 150 at rest...which really sucked. I could never catch a deep breath.

Praying it gets better...and that heart rate calms down SOON and stays down. Be careful though...make sure it isn't an indication or symptom of something else (ex: infection).

MBNAD woman said...

That's scary. Have you made sure that you haven't been overdoing things with caffeine?
Mad x

Gem said...

Tachycardia is sooo scary! My resting heartrate is something like 100 but my heart races really easily. It's a horrible feeling! Hope you're feeling better now xx

Viva La Fashion said...

that's got to be so scary. i hope your heart slows down and you can catch your breath soon.

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