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Early christmas present

I had clinic on Friday, and it turned out to be one of the best clinics I've had in a while, so sort of like a really nice early Christmas present. My Lung function was the best it's been in several appointments (not sure what the percentages were yet as I always just read them off my copy of the letter which is sent to my GP) but I vaguely remember the amounts, and I think the first was about 1.90ish and the second was just over 2litres, for me I think that's nearly 70%, and considering the fact I haven't felt great (despite finishing IVs 3 weeks ago, I'm blaming the weather) seeing my lung function be so impressive has seriously boosted my confidence in knowing I can get it up and keep it there, as it's been hovering in the 50s-60s for a while now. Not that those numbers aren't still pretty damn good, but I do prefer the higher numbers :D

I wasn't expecting this as I'd been feeling crappy, exhausted, random breathing attack things that would leav…

Reflux ridiculousness

I've been having some proper problems with reflux in the last few months. Basically, it started in August or so and my tongue was really, really painful. It hurt to eat as it felt like my tongue was burning. Sort of like when you eat loads of fizzy sweets and then your tongue hurts for the rest of the day. Try having that every day for a few months. Anything with a slight texture or flavour would absolutely destroy my tongue so I probably wasn't even eating enough when it was at its worst.

The incredibly annoying irony of this, is that previously I've never had reflux issues in the slightest. I've been happily taking Omeprazole for years at a basic 10mg a day. When my tongue was still hurting, and a clinic appointment came around, I brought it up to my dr and he suspected reflux. More specifically, that reflux had been burning my tongue, so my tongue was essentially a sensitive burn which would explain the pain when trying to eat say.... anything. He changed the dosag…

Catching my breath

Or at least attempting to.

I don't know if it's cause of the weather or cos my shit excuse for lungs start having a tantrum two weeks after finishing IVs because they're blatant IV drug addicts.

Basically, the crack is that I keep getting out of breath. Doing nothing. It'd be understandable if it was after walking for ages or after a huge coughing fit etc (Which happens anyway) but my god, this is really pissing me off. I can just be sitting watching tv and all of a sudden I'm out of breath and can't slow down my breathing or take a deep breath at all. It's so bloody annoying as I was hoping these IVs would have lasted me till at least christmas. I'm already coughing all night and waking everyone up again, and there's nothing I can do about it. I've got a clinic appointment on the 21st so I don't know what they'll say then. I don't want IVs over xmas, and I can't take Cipro as it doesn't seem to do much, and also destroys my …