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The past 6 months

I haven't actually written a blog since mid of October last year. So there's a good nearly 6 months to catch up on.

First things first, I moved out! Me and John got a place together in February, after spending 6 months uming and ahing about it, wondering if we'd even afford it. In the end, we found a really nice first floor, two bedroom flat exactly where we needed it, so decided to go for it. It's the only way to see if it would work out seeing as staring at sums for several months was just getting us nowhere.

We had plenty of help, we had most of what we needed, various family members helped out and another family friend gave us a few pieces for free, and got other pieces nice and cheap (mostly the coffee table and two sofas. They're white Ikea sofas but they're quite small so we're aiming to save up for a while and get a nice corner sofa instead). It's private so obviously you need to ask permission if you want to decorate or anything but everything …