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Turning old

In four days, and counting.

I wish I could say that hitting the big ol' 21 would mean that people will stop poking my nose and my dimples, but I seriously doubt it, due to sod's law deciding to keep me stuck looking like I'm actually 12 and not in fact, 21. And no matter how many times people tell me I'll be grateful when I'm older and still get ID'd and get to act all flattered, at the moment, its SO annoying to have people stare at me incredulously because I'm the one sitting in the drivers seat of the car. Or maybe that's because they're a huge hypocrite who are giving me looks for parking in a disabled space with a valid disabled badge, whilst they're in the space next to me without a badge in sight.

I started IVs on Wednesday after phoning up on Monday to demand drugs, and they've already started to work considering I'm now managing sleep inbetween coughing fits, which are getting lesser by the day, win! Well, mostly, if you igno…

More IVs, and hospital vs home

It's quite typical; for the last two years I refused to take cipro on the grounds that it just didn't seem to work for me anymore. I think I'd taken it so often that its effects were just getting lesser by the dose. It got to the point where I was loosing my appetite and following those retarded 'no milk two hours before or after each dose' rules for absolutely no reason. So this time, when I had a fortnight of it, it surprised me that it seemed to be working. Yeah, I lost my appetite, more badly than I have in a long time; I was barely eating, two bites and I'd be full, and staring at a full plate getting frustrated at myself because of how much I really, really wanted to eat, but just couldn't seem to manage it.

And then...

Yeah I caught a cold. Fuck sake. Not only did it make me feel like shit, but it's done a number on my chest that even the remaining week of cipro couldn't fix. So now I'm left with no sleep, the worst cough I've had in …

Spain :) And other things

Spain was immense! We did so much, literally didn't spend any time just lying around on the beach all day - what's the point in spending all that money if you're just going to lie about doing nothing? We went Jet skiing, walking every day, found an amazing hidden quiet bar with beautiful views, went to Barcelona, saw fireworks, went Go Karting, rented a boat, went to a marine/water park... and still got a tan! Ok, so I didn't go really brown. My freckles doubled within a day and I tanned my shoulders. And burnt an ear, not sure how I managed that one... plus anyone who knows me knows I wear several bracelets on my right wrist, and don't take them off, so I've got a ridiculous tan line from that, but at least I can see that I did actually tan a bit!

I took about 1200 photos... (200 of which are on facebook, don't make me add more!) and that's even without taking photos of all the water-involved things, seeing as my camera isn't waterproof and I sort…