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I do believe I jinxed myself (again).

For anyone who read that last post about the stomach pain I had that had me back and forth to the hospital. I've cracked it now, for the most part. I think it was reflux, at least partly, and I've figured out that endless hunger I had the day before the pain started was actually excess reflux (which would have certainly explained the pain if it was reflux related) but because I've never had it like that before, I had no idea what it was. I've had it since, and an antisickness took care of it, as it empties your stomach and with it, the acid. It's a horrible feeling though; sort of like when you haven't eaten all day and are raving hungry, but also feel sick, and a sort of rumbly worried feeling. Makes it hard to find out the cause.

So anyway, they'd given me gaviscon for the reflux, to go on top of the omeprazole I take every day. It was probably the easiest thing to give me but i certainly haven't maxed out reflux meds so I don't know why another t…