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The truth about the internet

In all honesty, I hate how things are communicated these days. I talk to a lot of people mostly over text or facebook, and I hate how things are lost in translation. Not only simple things like sarcasm, jokes etc as you can’t always easily guess the tone of voice, but opinions people have and also what people are really truly like.
What if someone actually can’t stand you and they seem to just talk normally through facebook comments etc, whilst in fact they’re sitting at home rolling their eyes at the computer screen when they see they have a notification from you. I hate the idea of bothering someone. If people take a while to, or never do reply, I assume they’re sick of me or don’t like me much therefore I'm not good enough for the time of day it would take to write a reply. I'm very aware that's easily just me being paranoid, but when text or facebook are my main ways of communication with a lot of people (especially as I can't just pick up the phone and some…