Thursday, 25 February 2010

Hospital folder held hostage. Please return shredded or alive.

I've got the joy of IVs in a couple of weeks. Which means I'll have made it an entire 7 weeks since finishing my last set of IVs (Unless everything gets shot to shit and I need them before that two weeks. Note to lungs: Don't. You. Fucking. Dare) I'm not entirely sure which meds I'll be getting. Probably Ceft and Colo, again. I did point out to my Dr that he has to find out what else I can have b/c I'm sick of having IVs that are less and less effective. These IVs will be for 3 weeks. Wonderful(!). I've never had a planned 3 week course that I'm aware of. It's usually, see how I am after two weeks and then phone up the hosp to ask (Uh.. tell) about a 3rd week. I have a horrible suspicion that 3 weeks are going to end up as my normal course of IVs. Ehh... As long as they work, I'm not that fussed.

Besides, when you think of it, IVs aren't that crappy as long as they do work. I get to do them at home so I still have my freedom with them. My weight and my lung function both went back up (Yay for my normal lung function, but this also crapped on my 'Cipro doesn't work, don't give it to me again unless you want me to attack you with a monkey wrench' thing. I did tell them how crappy I was feeling last week. I'm not entirely sure anyone believed that this was either caused by cipro or the fact that it just doesn't work on me, but either way, I'm reallllly not having that again willingly.) Whilst acknowledging my weight and LF increase, my Dr pointed out my cough was still pretty bad. And said 'Well what do you want now?' Which roughly translates as 'Nothing works on your fecking lungs any more!'. So IVs it is. The only annoying thing is the waking up early for morning doses anyway.

Well... that, and my vast amount of injuries from various needles and glass vials. Any offers to do this for me?!

All in all, clinic was uneventful as ever. I did have my hosp folder repeatedly ripped out my hands whenever I managed to get a hold of it. They said I have to write a letter (and they didn't specify who to) if I want to read it. It takes ridiculous amounts of restraint not to tell them to fuck off, b/c they already get to read my file and I want to know what is in it. I don't see the problem, b/c I already know the majority of it. And seeing as it's my file, it shouldn't exactly be full of stuff they either haven't or won't tell me about, right? I told the nurse that I'm tempted to just take the folder and leg it. He said he'd catch me within 20 mins. I should just challenge him to a drip stand race, winner takes all.

B/c, there is a limit to how much you can argue with the hosp staff. After all, they're the ones with the drugs.


Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I love your spirit.
I get frustrated with the doctors when I am looking at my chart on the computer and then they shut it off like there is something there they don't want me to see. It is my chart and I don't get why I can't see it.
A few weeks ago my doctor left the computer on and I was reading my labs to see if they were the most recent results and the pharmacist came in and shut the computer off. I get them sent to my house so what difference does it make if I see them on the hospital computer? Pisses me off...a lot.

Gem said...

Haha this made me laugh! Imagining racing drs on drip stands. My mum always tries to sneak a look at my notes (they're always kept on the outside of my door) but always gets caught- I swear these people have a 6th sense, realise someone's looking then get pissed! I don't understand why we can't know what drs are thinking/writing about us?!?!?!? ANNOYING! Hope your lungs hold off those 2 weeks!!!! xx

Anonymous said...

I took my notes and ducked into the ladies the other day and had a quick read - easiest way to not get caught reading them.

Try hassling your team for some Timentin next lot of IVs - I'm on it at the moment and it's working like magic. Been on it quite a bit before but not for a few courses and I know what I will ask for next time as well. Actually, my pseudo has been resistant to it before, but it still seems to work well.
Hope you can manage ok for the next couple weeks

Lisa Lynch said...

Here I am, returning the compliment ;)

As for awesomeness, laydee, it's your middle name. x

MBNAD woman said...

I've long had the ability to read stuff upside down!

Mad x

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