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2014. In a small novel.

Right then. Excuse my massive lack of blogging. Apparently 2014 wasn't the year of blogging for me, although I doubt i'll ever get back into the continous posts like I used to; its more of a 'now and again' thing for me. I get stuck with what to write and I don't exactly want to write only when shit things happen. I.e. when a friend passes away.

2014 itself was a bit of a mixed bag. There was some brilliant things (moving out was a massive achievement!) quite a few weddings, meeting the one and only Gem, and some amazing friends, with nights in and nights out. The crapola side of things included quite a few people passing away. Some I knew quite well, others I'd only known in passing and only spoken to a handful of times. But either way, it doesn't make it any less sad.

One thing that definitely gripes at me though; When someone dies, why do people feel the need to write about how amazing that person was? Fair enough if they were, for starters, the beautifu…