Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Insomnia induced quizzing.

Do you write notes on your hand?
All the time

Think a lot before you fall asleep?
Kinda depends on how the day went

Have you ever worn the opposite sex's clothing?
Yeah, loads

What are you doing besides this?
Procrastinating. I have an essay thing to write.

Will you be up before 7 AM tomorrow?
Oh god no. Why would I even attempt that?

What time did you go to bed last night?
5am ish

Have you ever liked someone older than you?
Yeah, generally b/c younger guys are immature as fuck

Does anyone regularly tell you they love you?

When was the last time a member of the opposite sex hugged you?
Round about the time I last had a social life

Would you rather it be sunny or rain?
Sunny. I can't take pics in the rain, it'd spaz my camera

Who knows you better than you know yourself?
No one. I don't think there's anyone I've told every single thing to.

This time last year, can you remember who you liked?
Ha, yeah. Actually, he wasn't that bad.

Think back to the last person you kissed, how many times have you cried in front of them?
I never did.

Are you jealous of someone right now?
In general, I'm jealous of a few things people have, not necessarily jealous of one particular person

Will your next kiss be a mistake?
Lol. hope not

Have you ever kissed anyone whose name started with D?

Have you ever kissed anyone whose name started with S?
Yeah. Idk if it was a wise choice. But meh.

Connection between you and the last person who text messaged you?
College friends

Does it bother you when someone lies to you?
Yeah. In person, I can sometimes tell when ppl are lying. And it drives me mad.

Who do you feel most comfortable talking about anything to?
Hmm. Probably Steph. She knows me the most. And I can't lie to her.

Which one of your classes goes by the slowest?
I have one class, but it depends what we're doing. If its irrelevant shit, then it takes forever.

The last time you cursed at someone, why were you so mad at them?
I swear constantly, not just when I'm mad. But last time I was pissed at someone was cuz I just had a short fuse that day and very little patience for what he was trying to help me with

Robert Pattinson vs. Taylor Lautner, who's hotter ; )?
Who the fuck is that second person? As for the first one, I'm in the small minority who couldn't care less

How many times did you clean out your text inbox today?
I didn't. But I went through loads of old texts last night. It was weird reading them b/c I'm not so close with some of those ppl anymore

What is more annoying, people who take forever to reply to texts or when they only say 'K'?
Both. Texts that just say 'OK' or similar are really annoying tho. Especially if you've just written them a freakin novel.

What was the last thing you got in trouble for doing in school?
School? That's a while back. But I'd get told off by Blighty for either eating by the computers or neglecting to do coursework.

Your ex is driving next to you, what do you do?
Well, that would be awkward.

When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in the face?
Hm Saturday. Damn tutor. And hell, I'm not the only one.

If you had to sleep with one of your teachers who would it be?
Oh gross! None of my tutors are fit. Some of the students on the other hand...

Favorite pop tart flavor?
Don't shoot me when I say I've never had one.

Last restaurant you went to?
UNOs. Ha, that was fun.

Do you like your name?
Yeah. I know people who like it better than me.

Did your last kiss mean anything?
No not really, it was more of a 'in the moment' thing.

How many people do you trust one hundred percent?
There's one or two people I'd trust with my life.

Have you told anybody you loved them today and meant it?
I haven't said that today. In fact, I rarely say it.

Whose hand did you last hold?
In a 'couple' sense or in a 'grab their hand and run like kids' way? Probably Simon for the first, the second would be when I last saw people. I think it was Julie; we were skipping :)

What would you do if you dropped your phone in a puddle?
Be pissed.

Do you know any of your neighbors?
Yeah. I used to be good friends with some of them, and I went out with one of them.

List three things near you:
Phone, camera, laptop (My life)

Do you like it when people play with your hair?

Where is the person who has your heart?
No one does

Do you hate it when people call/text you when you're sleeping?
Nah I don't mind. I like waking up to texts

Have you ever felt like you literally needed someone?
Yeah, when you feel helpless and you need that one person who fixes it all.

If your ex was in trouble and you were the only one that could help him/her, would you?
Yeah. If someone asks for help I try my best to help them

Your bf/gf cheats on you. What do you do?
Walk away. I don't want anything to do with people like that.

This time last last year were you happier then now?
No I think I'm happier now. I've been told I seem so too.

Do you spend more time on myspace or facebook?

Do you think you're wasting your time on the person you like?
Ha, erm...

The last person you had a thing with comes up to you and says "I'm sorry..."
I'd ask why he's sorry. And then probably say it doesn't matter.

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