Saturday, 20 February 2010

Incomprehensible babbling.

I have nothing constructive to say right now. I just felt like writing a blog.

Meh *shrugs*

Oh, and Macs hate me. College proved this. I can't seem to make them co-operate most of the time. I asked my tutor, after my second failed log in (this time, instead of just logging me out, it shut the computer down entirely) if I could drop it off a bridge. He laughed. He didn't think I was serious.

I did get pretty bored and started to photoshop some of my photos just for the pure hell of it, and take utterly random photos. Let me tell you this - unless you're in the studio, the photography dept has very few things worth taking photos of. I'm just glad I'm feeling relatively better now (funnily enough, without the aid of Cipro) so I was able to get to college, unlike Friday, where I failed at being at work - 30 mins into my shift my boss sent me home, saying 'it's pretty obvious you're not well enough to work today'. Admittedly, I should have realised this at home. But my brain doesn't seem to comprehend the words 'You feel like crap, stay at home'.

So, as I was saying. Incomprehensible babbling for no reason at all.

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