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Catch up time

Major catch up needed and for once I'm in a writing mood! Not sure any one really reads this anymore as I've been basically AWOL for a while now but to be honest I might as well just write this for myself, at least whilst I can still remember what happened. It'll be a long one, so grab a cuppa, put your feet up and lets begin...

So... I've not really written in here properly since my end of 2011 post. I had an amazing night on new years eve, and enjoyed the day after too. January itself was good, but started off with IVs on the 6th, even if they were necessary and requested. These were for London, so I'd be at my best health (in theory) so I wouldn't be dying over everyone and managing to clear a carriage on the tube for myself. These worked... mostly. Aside from the cold I caught mid IVs. There is some tosser who gives me a cold every time, probably someone in college, they're riddled with stuff in there! But other than that January wasn't spectacularl…

Owls :D

The cutest thing I've ever seen in my life, I defy this not to put a smile on your face :)