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Crumpets are life.

*Sighs* More revision. A four hour exam tomorrow, although I've just found out, as it is technically two separate 2 hours exams smooshed together, we'll be getting a 15 minute break in the middle. Although no revision is allowed in this break, as it is technically still exam time. Right. Buuuuut, hilariously enough, I found out that as I have a 'medical condition' (God, I hate that term) I am allowed to ask for a break any time I want. I can't remember if the teacher said that if I get an (extra) break, every one else does too, or if I would just have to add the time on at the end. Either way, I never find myself needing a break. I finish with time to spare, so I do have the time to mentally panic that I can't remember the answer to something.

I have revised so bloody hard, I'm surprised that I'm not crapping revision. But that being said, I can't remember anything of use at the most vital time (I.e. In the actual exam.)

I have an appointment at the…


Well. That is literally all I can say about yesterday's exam. I think I've found out what Hell is. Really. The second of turning over that damned piece of paper and trying to think of an answer before I've even started to process the first question, was a bit dim, admittedly. I know I got the occasional question right, others, as it turned out, I had either got completely wrong or mixed up with something else. The second freedom was granted from that exam room, everyone dove for their health and social care book, to check their answers, and as it turned out, I certainly deflated. Although, not much, as I never had high hopes for this exam, lest the examiner took pity on me and slipped me the answers. I wish.

Anyway, so I'm checking through the 'Unit 12: Human Development: Factors and Theories' and I realise that, hang on, they asked us stuff that wasn't in the book. This is odd, as the exams are freaking BASED ON THE BOOK! So I found that annoying. How the …

Lovely blog award.

Thanks to Heidi who tagged me to recieve this nifty little pic, the 'lovely blog' award...

Cute, isn't it! So, you have to choose four bloggy friends to give it to so... trying not to choose the same people I chose for the photo tag (I'm really getting into the loop of these blog games!) I choose... Hmmm, lets see...




Well, every girl needs a flower or two on her blog right?!

Mid-week meltdown.

A-Levels. One of the things that exam boards should be hung, drawn and quartered for. Next Monday I have my first of two A2 level exams for January (obviously I'll have a couple more in June.) Anyway, yep, I know all A Level exams are pretty nasty, but Health and Social Care exams, frankly, take the piss. They are the most impossible exams I've ever taken, and on average I get an E on those exams. Crap, yeah I know that too. Although my coursework is supposedly quite good, which means exams are my Achilles heel but my overall grade for the subject is somewhere in the middle, as good coursework plus crap exams equals a totally unfair grade - some people get astronomical results, but sometimes that's just down to the chance of a fuck easy exam. Which I doubt I'll be getting on Monday.

Me, avoiding revision, and courtesy of a friend who took this pic with my new camera, as they just couldn't seem to get enough of it. I didn't even realise they were taking this pic …

Slightly random, totally bonkers.

Ok, so I promised a list of 6 reasons of why I'm practically insane. Although others would probably just say these things make me, well, me. So, if we're getting technical now, here's a list of completely random things about me, which basically define me.

1. I give off the worst first impressions. This is mainly due to the fact I can't really understand people, and when they first meet me, they don't know I'm deaf, so they warble away, and I either just smile and nod (so when they ask a question I look a complete prat and like I'm not interested. Which ain't good.) Or totally get distracted and wander off, so they think I don't like them. It's a dog eat dog world that's pretty hard to win in.

2. My laugh. I sound weird. Plus when I start laughing randomly at something, especially if its really funny (If I'm watching 'Live at the Apollo', be warned). But sometimes I will laugh for ages, at the most random thing, whilst people look l…

Bits and bats.

I'm sick of coughing, sick of getting weird looks from coughing myself half mad, and sick of people who don't understand CF. No, this isn't another jab at my mates. I think I'm really due some IVs soon, I'm coughing ridiculously.

I'm also sick of that damn rattle in my lungs. More specifically, the side of my right lung. If I put my hand there when there's a rattle, I can feel it. It practically does feel like a toy rattle. Its times like this when you think 'How much more ill can I get? How much more do I have to endure before I'm cast as pretty ill?'

I hate the fact that I sound like a complete and utter depressed kid. I'm not. I guess this is a pretty good place to say the things that are always in your head, without someone interrupting. I've just read about a CFer with FEV in the 100%s, and they're about 20/30 years old. WHAT? I'm only 17, and the best FEV I can get is 80%. On average its 60-70%. When its bad, it gets to 50%…