Friday, 5 February 2010

Cipro is [never] the answer.

I'm having a tantrum at Cipro. Bare with me.

I had to go up to clinic on Weds, seeing as my Mum had phoned up saying I needed some Cipro. So we went in after my bone scan at the Freeman (Where, I got told not to cough during the scan by the tech. I just looked at her and said 'Seriously?!' The scan took about 5 minutes, but it felt so much longer, as the second someone says 'Don't cough', it's all you can think of doing. I also had the dignifying task of wearing a hospital gown during that scan. Sexy(!)) Anyway, so, clinic. I went in and did the routine stuff, weight and PFTs. My weight went up but my LF is down. I wasn't sure of how much they'd exactly gone down till I could have a look at all the old numbers. I'm now at 61%, lowest I've actually been since August 2008. Whoops. Not that 61% isn't a bad number. I still think it's pretty good. I wouldn't mind going back up though.

I talked to the physio and mentioned the 91% sats after 5 minutes on the wii fit deal. And now I've got an exercise test. Joy. It's for 17th March, at 10am. When I saw that time, I said 'Are you trying to kill me woman?!' Which made her laugh. Then I pointed out I didn't actually get up till 12 that day. Her look was priceless. She talked about the how if your sats drop really low during that test, you'd have to talk about getting O2 for exercise, at least, or something like that. Although I'm not there yet, thankfully. Plus, I'm pretty convinced that the 91% reading was just that day being rubbish. I'll get back to you on that. I need to try that again, cept I never really bother seeing as the wii fit is downstairs and my sats thing sits happily in my room. It's a tiny box, hardly much effort to bring it down. The effort is mainly bothering to walk up the stairs.

(I'm lazy.)

After the physio left and my Doc came in, it pretty much ended with 'Yeah you need Cipro.' Argh. It's only cause it's been two weeks since my last IVs, so it's too soon for another round. So, it's Cipro, or you're fucked. I can't have nothing, not with a 10% drop in my lung function. Bare in mind, the last LF test was before IVs, and this one is after. I'm slightly pissed at the fact the IVs seemed to, well... not work. Again. I was thinking of making 2009 a complete write off if 2010 got it's arse in gear.

It apparently didn't.

I really hate the fact that I'm on Cipro though. Every single time I've been on it, I've just lost my appetite, which really pisses me off. I said, at least 20 times, that it doesn't work anymore. No one believes me, which is silly b/c I would know. I also have a hard time convincing anyone about the appetite thing. My parents keep saying 'It's all in your head.' Which just ends in an argument and me yelling a lot. I just don't like people thinking they know better, when they don't. They're not the ones who have to choke on the effing size of Cipro, or have to sit and be annoyed at the stupid rules about it, like not being able to have things with milk at the same time. Which fucks up breakfast if I take it before, or I forget to take it if I have breakfast first.

It also jeopardises the chance to drink copious amounts of tea, at least at morning and night. Bane of my life, that. I think drinking 6 cups of tea a day is totally reasonable. Bree has often beat me at this number though. She loves it more than I do (Btw, how many tea convos have we had on msn? I'm actually loosing count).

I also got a paper cut off my hospital folder. I guess that serves me right for being nosy and going through it.

Oh and plus, with the weight increase, I was looking at the chart thing that converts the Kg into stones and lbs. I'm 6st 12lb (43.5kg) at the moment, and looking at the chart, and the following happened:

Me: 'The dietitian probably wants me at something like 8 stone though *checks chart* Ah. That's about another 9kg. What weights 9kg? A small child?'
Dad: 'Yeah, sounds about right'
Me: 'That settles it, I have to eat a small child. Well where can I find me one of those?'

Yep, I'm afraid that's a very average conversation with me. Pity the people who speak to me.

Hmm. Maybe Cipro wasn't the worst of ideas - 20 mins of exercise and my sats are 85 and my HR is 170 *Sits down* actually I hit the 85 after 10 push ups, and I beat the wii fit trainer b/c I'm awesome. My little arms almost snapped after that. Basically, Cipro is either going to make feel better, or do nothing.

But it won't make me worse, so why not.


Bree said...


43kgs= good job, b/c that's exactly what i am

copious tea conversations= fabulous, amazing, and extremely inspiring. 6 cups a day is essential and understandable....potentially life-saving.

Keep up the fab work darling.

Kate said...

If you struggle to find a small child then I'm sure a large dog would do!

Kristin said...

Hey Meg!

I, too, drink a TON of tea everyday!!... why can't you drink it on Cipro? I always do... oops!!

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