Sunday, 2 May 2010


I dunno.

What am I supposed to write about? I can't think of a thing. Even cf, at least for me, is being fairly un-dramatic. I won't complain about that though b/c that's just begging everything to tank so damn fast.

I was being a stressy little cow at college on Saturday. I annoyed myself probably more than I annoyed other people. I was just getting pissed off at my work, being confused about what I had to do, the fact that Blackboard is being an utter twat and the systems been knackered all week, and the slight fact that I deleted (permanently) some photos which I thought I didn't need. Turns out I do and I was supposed to print out a contact sheet with these photos on. The problem is, it's not as simple as just going back to where I was and re-taking the photos. B/c the photos I deleted are the ones I used in making a panorama. Which means I should have kept the originals - it'd be blaringly obvious if I used different photos and tried to pass them off as originals.

Especially as it'll be hard to remember the camera settings I used and the exact place I was standing at the Quayside.

*shrugs* college is confusing.

Oh and when, WHEN are people going to learn that telling me to calm down when I'm being all *gahhhhh* is not the way to go. You tell me to calm down when I'm stressed, and I'll snap. B/c I'm classy like that, when someone at college told me to calm down I said 'It's really not a good idea to tell me that' and two minutes later, still impressively pissed off, I walked out and sat in the hallway for a good 10 mins.

And I also opted to listen to music rather than attempt to listen to the tutor. It's not like I hear her well anyway. And then my ipod got all cocky and started playing songs that were basically typical of the mood I was in and stuff I was thinking.

*strangles ipod*

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Gem said...

Music has a nasty habit of doing that! The 2 words that are certain to piss me off are Calm Down! I understand completely where you are coming from on that one!! Xx

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