Monday, 17 May 2010


(Blatant plagiarism of Lauren's tattoo blog title there...)

I did it =)

I finally got the tattoo I've been banging on about for months. I decided on Friday (I think) that I'd get it done on Monday, and sorted this out. Obviously my sister had to go with me b/c I'm a wimp, and probably would have messed things up hearing wise. We went into Durham (first choice, second choice would have been places in Newcastle) to see if the tattoo place had an opening for today. They did, for 3pm. It was about 11 at that point, so for 4 hours, me and my sister pretty much just walked through Durham, I was taking photos to distract myself of the plain fact that, yes, I was damn right scared.

We got there and I had to show my ID again.... they thought I was about 14. Wonderful. My sister sat next to me taking photos whilst I winced and txted Gem to distract myself. Definitely worked. The part that hurt the most was the R as that's over a muscle in my wrist. The rest was pretty much just a sharp scratch, which I adjusted to fast and in the end I'm pretty sure my wrist went numb b/c I couldn't feel it at all. Took 10 mins in total. I'd freaked myself out a fair bit about it, and calmed down a few seconds after the needle hit me b/c I realised that it wasn't that bad.

Kinda stings now, obviously. And typing is a bitch b/c I usually rest my wrist on the edge of my laptop and I probably shouldn't do that right now! Aaaaaaaanyway. Here's some photos:


Chandler said...

Congrats on getting the tatoo! Looks cool too! Now...don't pick at it!! :-p

MBNAD woman said...


Madette is 28 and she was asked for ID in the supermarket about a month ago. I fell about laughing because I was with her ;-) Curiously, they didn't ask for mine.

Mad x

Piper said...


I love the style of writing you picked. It really looks amazing!

Hope you enjoy it, and congrats for taking the plunge!

Jacky said...

It looks great!! And you are very brave!!

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