Sunday, 25 April 2010


So I got a bit bored. And drew on my wrist, like you do.

Perfectly normal.

I was originally still trying to design the tattoo I want (sticking with 'Breathe' and finally finding a font I like) and now I can't decided where I want it. Basically, wherever I chose, it's gonna hurt like a bitch, right? Especially b/c apparently if it's close to the bone, it hurts more. And I can't decide between on the back/base of my neck, or on the inside of my wrist.

Obviously I can't draw on the back of my neck without it resembling a total mess, but I can draw on my wrist. It's not the easiest of things but not impossible. And I ended up with this:

I'm so aware that's pretty shitty quality on the photo front, but I just used my phone as grabbing my camera involved more effort than it was worth. But yeah, that's the general idea of the tattoo I want. And whether I do choose to go for the wrist or neck, it can be hidden fairly easily (I wear my watch on my left wrist, and you're pretty hard pushed to find me in public with my hair up) in those moments when people throw hissy fits if you happen to have a tattoo.


Tori said...

I think on the wrist although I think it'll be painfull.

When I got my tattoo on my lower back it didn't hurt at all, was just a bit uncomfortable!


Kiz said...

the pain is over rated apparently. I agree on wrist, although thts been my plan for years lol, so il call u the tattoo thief :-D

Lauren said...

I like both, but Im getting it on my wrist so we would match! :D

Justine said...

My wrist tattoos were not too painful, and definitely not as painful as the one on my back, however the one on my back was bigger and required a lot more filling. For me, getting the tattoos felt like someone was cutting me, but the pain was relieved when they stopped. Then they were just tender for a week or so. Great blog!

your cyster,

MBNAD woman said...

I believe that it's more painful if it's on a bony bit like the ankle or wrist and less so if there's a bit more flesh like upper arm, thigh etc.
I almost got round to it with a friend a couple of years back doing her "things to do before you're 50 list". We couldn't sort out the timing so I gave up. It also conflicts with the blood donor thing and I may just hit 100 buckets before I'm required to give up (old age). Maybe I'll do it then.

I was going to have "slut" on the right cheek so that when I'm old and infirm in an old people's home, the care staff will be suitably shocked ;-)

"Breathe" is very cool and very you. I really like that. Maybe you should have it somewhere visible like the wrist. Make the statement, eh?

Mad x

Gem said...

I love it! I think the wrist!!! According to my friends who have had them it feels like scratching sunburn... Not unbearably painful more uncomfortable but going over the bone made their eyes water a tiny bit apparently! Xx

Gemma said...

im sure you could cope with the pain! Personally i'm not a big fan of tattoos but at least yours would have some meaning to it xx

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