Saturday, 22 May 2010


Basically the only way of describing the weather the past couple of days.

Seriously. Hot.

Reminds me of when I went to London last year (YAY make-a-wish) as it was way too hot for those three days. Typically, the second we got back to Newcastle, it was raining, and probably still imitating Hawaii-style heat 300 miles south.

It's too hot outside, it's too hot (and boring) inside... can't really win. And I don't even tan, which sucks. I think the bright side here is that I'm not on any abx with retarded rules like 'stay out of the sun'. With my luck, b/c my cough is being a bastard at the moment, when I go to clinic on Weds, my Dr will suggest Cipro again. He can go to hell if he suggests it, b/c it did nothing last time except make me feel worse. I swear, if he does suggest it, I'm asking for a second opinion. I've said in the past that I want him to try and find something else that works against my pseudo, or APBA, or whatever crap is frolicking about in les lungs. I'm sick of just having cipro when things are heading to hell, and then IVs of colo and ceftaz when things are further down the drain.

Although even if I did get a new med for IVs, I'd be cautious as hell b/c I don't get admitted for the first few days/doses or even sent home with an Epi Pen.

Dropping the ball, anyone?

Anyway, so, melty weather. (FFS, I'm talking about the weather... things are clearly dire) Typical that I get my tattoo just as the weather decides to fry itself. I'm British, I'm not used to it being 25*C and over all day. I'm not complaining about it though - I do like it. I went on a walk (read 'went to assault my camera with too many photos once again') with my cousin last night, it was about 9pm and still 20 ish *C, which was awesome. I was trying to get photos of her dog jumping about in the river, but I could never seem to get a fast enough shutter speed which would freeze the action in the photo without blurring it like hell, whilst it was actually bright enough in the photo to see what was actually in the photos.

In the end I gave up, let my cousin run free with it whilst it was set on Auto.

I WILL figure out manual settings, properly, dammit.

Clinic on weds has the fun addition of a glucose test. I think the only plus to it being at 9am (which isn't usually a time I even register) is that I'll probably be too asleep to notice the fact that I'm hungry as I've got to skip breakfast. Seeing as I'm gonna be stuck in the clinic room for a couple hours, and being in there for 10 minutes is taxing enough, I'm considering either taking my camera and pissing the nurses off with it, or taking the laptop and watching a DVD. Actually, I'll probably be bringing the laptop anyway - someone told me to take a photo of the bruise over my port after a certain nurse basically abused the poor thing, and I can use the photo as proof to why she's never getting her hands on a port needle near me again.

I really don't like that nurse. I don't like the way she spoke to me like I was really thick. I don't like the fact she made my port bleed back for the firs time in forever, and kept on saying 'it's fine, it's normal'. I said to her 'I KNOW that. I'm just not used to mine bleeding back, when it never has, especially adding that to the fact that it really hurt when you put the needle in'. Obviously douche-nurse kept on with her 'It's fine' mantra.

Kinda hoping she's not on duty on Weds if I'm perfectly honest.

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Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...


I've been reading your blog for quite some time and I always enjoy your free will sense of spirit. You have a lot of moxie.
I am currently waiting for a liver transplant and my labs are usually drawn at my clinic, but recently I have been taking coumadin and I am getting enbrel injections once a week so my labs have been weekly. Because of this I have been going to another center that is closer to my home and there is a phlebotomist who has been a horror. There is always negative attitude and behavior and I just don't get it.
I always thought that if you were going to work in the health care system then you might share a sense of empathy and compassion with the people you are treating; not do the opposite. It is sad that this is an ongoing trend, especially among the younger generation. It seems as though they are only in it for the pay check.
I hope that you start feeling a little better and that the doctors find something else that works for you other than the cipro. The stuff sounds bad from some of the stories I've read. Nobody seems to like what it does for them. That doesn't sound good at all.
Be well...beaux

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