Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ding dong...

The bitch that is UCAS and student finance is dead, done and dusted with! Wooo, let's all dance, jump and throw small children in the air at the fact that you'll no longer have to listen to me bitch about either of those things again.

Until next year.

Yeah, sorry. The thing is, UCAS is done with, completely now. I got an interview for my course which I went to last Thurs (and didn't write about it b/c I was scared of jinxing it. Yeah, I believe in that shit, deal with it) and I went to that with my Dad. He said that the woman who I saw seemed to like my work, she did look pretty pleased when she asked if I knew how to work with black and white film, and I said that I had two projects based on film that she could see. I also had two digital projects and a portfolio which she looked through. She actually remembered me from last year, when she told me to go on the course I'm on now b/c I just didn't really know enough to be on the foundation degree without dragging behind. And, this is always a bonus, she said I looked healthier than last year.

Anyways. I checked UCAS today as I'd been told to wait a few days until I get my response. And I got one! I got a conditional offer, which means that 'you are agreeing that you will attend the course at that university or college if you meet the conditions of the offer'. I didn't get the guts to check UCAS for several minutes after I got the email saying that my status on Track had changed, as it was the exact same email I got last year.

After I freaked out at UCAS and checked, and then accepted the offer, I decided to finish battling with a 32 page bastard of a form from student finance. And I had to go to college and up to student support to double check this form. I had to wait 30 minutes until I could see the right person so we just sat around and dossed for a bit. My Dad said something, I heard him wrong and gave him the wrong answer. And got a weird look b/c it really didn't make any sense at all. Then I realised what he'd said and how my answer didn't make any sense. This started off a 10 minute uncontrollable laughing attack, my drink flying everywhere and then coughing for ages after.

We finally saw someone who went through the form and the loan bit and bla bla bla. The only thing left is the part where my Mum and Dad have to deal with their P60s. I stopped listening at this point b/c I can't do anything about it. And just drew on a piece of paper instead.

[Time well spent, clearly]

At least UCAS done with. Student finance has to be re-applied for each year. Joy(!)

After this, I left and went through town on my own. Bit of a dodgy choice to be perfectly honest. I'm usually fine on my own, but this time I went a bit out of my depth, across several streets I'd never been down before and got lost. And walked in a circle at least twice. A circle which involved killer stairs (which I determinedly avoided the second time round).

I'm knackered now. Got a fair few photos, mainly of graffiti stuff; the reason why I kept on walking down these streets was b/c they were full of old buildings which I love taking pictures of. Plus, taking pictures and having my ipod blaring sort of meant I forgot to pay much attention to exactly where I was heading.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting into the course! Looking forward to seeing some of your photos.


Gemma said...


MBNAD woman said...

Megan - I'm so pleased for you. I can still remember the anxiety waiting for the letter from UCCA (as it was then) and the arms-length anxiety for Madette and Junior Mad.
Your parents must be delighted. They deserve a cup-cake event ;-)
Mad x

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