Sunday, 23 May 2010

Feeling lost.


Over the past couple of weeks, people have said that I'm sort of shattering their opinion of me. Amongst other stuff they didn't expect of me, the tattoo is a big thing in this - I've had it said a bunch of times that I 'don't look like the type to go out and get a tattoo' (and even more so to do it without telling the parental units). My philosophy in life has basically become 'Fuck it'; Take risks, live life, and deal with the consequences later.

B/c life's just too fucking short to behave all the time.
Ramble over.


Ruth Jay said...

stuff everyone! people change, and taking risks is half the fun of living, especially at 18! I say that as if I'm really old, but hopefully you know what I mean lol.

I stopped taking meds and stuff, so like you know yourself, I wouldn't recommend it, but as long as you're being safe then enjoy yourself hun!


Kiz said...

Ha Ruth beat me too it. Stuff everyone, what *type* gets a tattoo anyway? Do u need to own a harley and be called dave? I dont recommendu doing either tbh...Where was I? Meh i forget. Ur getting old, do silly shit !

MBNAD woman said...

Feel the fear ... and do it anyway.

Just don't get hurt.

Mad x

Lauren said...

fuck that Megs. You are who you want to be, and the people who matter shouldn't care.

If it makes you happyyyyy
it cant be that baaaaaaadd


Lauren said...

hmm. maybe that's not what you wanted to hear. But i pretty much love you dude, as much as I could anyone who I've never actually met etc etc.

Mc Clarey said...

Life is much more fun when you take risks. :D one day i'll get round to the police chase storey on my blog!

life is for living and just go for it ! Love the tattoo hun. x

Gem said...

Ok super late comment here! You are who you want to be- people shouldn't stereotype!! We all love you for who you are!!!! :) Ignore them! It's your happiness that's important not their opinions!! xx

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