I confess...

I'm addicted. To these: (french fancies)

God. You don't know how painfully slow my net connection is being today. I'm used to it being slower when I'm in my room b/c that's just how it works, but I'm about 5 foot from the router right now and it's pissing me off!

Anyway. So I'm really addicted to these things. Dunno what it is about them but I randomly bought some to eat in the car when we went to Scotland for the day on bank holiday Monday, and I sort of ate 4 of them (half the packet) within two minutes. At the time, I was in the car with my two sisters and my Mum and Dad. They found it both sort of hilarious but disgusting at the same time. Can't really blame them. I'm sure they're just jealous I can eat twice as much as them and not really show it. Which is sort of a blessing and a curse.

Pretty sure this addiction is helping me keep up the weight thing though. I love not having to get a lecture off the dietitian every clinic appt. I used to try and avoid her. I was stuck bopping between 41 and 44kg for the past two years, so now being at 46kg and not being badgered to make sure I keep eating is obviously taking away the stress and probably making me eat more. Oh, and having a load of random food in my room is helping. B/c some people have the 'lovely' habit of mentioning food around me all the time. And it makes me hungry as hell. Me being me, I'm usually so lazy, that if I'm in my room I can't be bothered with getting food from the kitchen, as walking up and down stairs is copious amounts of effort. I figured I may as well cut out the middle man and keep a load of junk in my room. It's apparently working well!

I'll leave you with some random photos from the past week:


Jennifer said…
Have you tried the French Fancy cake? They sell them at Tesco
Rick said…
I got one of those French fancy cakes for my birthday, goodness me it's sheer decadence, you'd love it. Like the surprise pic.
Ruth Jay said…
french fancies are amazing!! I had an addiction to them last year lol, especially the lemon ones. mmmm. anything to keep the weight up! xx
Chandler said…
Love the photos & jealous of the cakes. I once ate an entire case of Icy Squares while playing an online poker game! Yes..an entire case.
ooo i had to eat lots of them to put on weight. but i love them anyway! the creamy bit on top! yum! although i tend to eat just the pink and yellow ones. They actually have a box of only pink ones in some stores! enjoy ur french fancies hehe! i get fed up of lectures from my dietician too but nowdays now im on my PEG feed they are happy for me to eat what ever i want whenever i want! typical. i love the newcastle dietican but i hate our local one she told me i was lazy and i didnt eat as much as i should. what kinda attitude is t hat from a dietican?? ahh i just eat what i want when im hungry!
Gemma said…
I heard they were called fondant fancies now cos they are not french, lmao! I like the pink ones but not the yellow or brown :o)

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