Monday, 10 May 2010

Lazy FTW.

I went out on Saturday. Really good seeing people, especially after not seeing some of them for months.
I managed to cripple myself back at my sisters. I was walking up the stairs and never switched the light on, and it was pitch black. I walked right into a chair that was on the landing (don't ask me why it was there, b/c I don't even know) and all my sister and her fiance heard was a loud *thump* then me going 'OW!! Fuck!'. I injure myself so much that people just find it hilarious now. Like when I sat on the end of the bed and fell right off. Cue my sister laughing for ages. It wasn't that bloody funny, but for some reason, it's twice as funny when it happens to me.

I really couldn't be bothered with doing my nebs on Sunday night. I did though. It just took me forever to get up off my arse and go to the kitchen. I was shattered b/c I'd effectively went through 8am -3am on Saturday on 6 hours sleep. And didn't get that much sleep at my sisters b/c it's just not my bed, I guess. Don't get me wrong, I can easily function (in a grumpy way) on 6 hours sleep if I had to. But I'm not usually at college all day then at the pub all night. Dunno where I managed to find the energy to stay upright to be perfectly honest!

I might actually just become a sloth for the next few days. Plenty of tv, refusing to get my arse off facebook or msn, and probably drinking copious amounts of tea b/c that's what I do best.

I love being lazy.


Ruth Jay said...

lazy is the best way :)

and I have the same problem with my ID and I'm 4/5 years older lol, it never ends!

hope you get plenty of sleep this week :) x

Lauren said...

i never replied to your comment on my tattoo post. i DEF think mine was just so bad because of the bone-ness of feet! GO FOR ITTT wrist wise. thats where im getting my next one im thinkin :)
im excited to see yours! hurry up. have your lazy days then get inked plz. ok ta :)

Gem said...

HAHAHA! Sorry I just had a very vivid image of you falling off a bed... I promise I'm not laughing....much! :P Lazy is by far the best way to function! ID- pain in the arse! Completely. 12 dvd's.. "have you got any ID please?" AHHH! Xx

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