Mini disappearing act.

Alrighty. I think I'm gonna take a break from blog land for a bit. I'm not sure how long, maybe a week, or two. Or at least until I can think of anything half decent to write. Really not sure how long that will be. But I will be back.

Before I forget, I've just realised that I'll be a week into IVs when I have to do my 6 minute walking test later in the month (my physio is all interested in what my O2 sats will be doing). Seeing as I always get colo for one of my IVs, something tells me this 6 minute walk will become a 6 minute 'attempt to avoid crashing into the walls'. I'm considering taking my helmet.

I'm not lying. I actually have one.

Anyway, I'll be back. Not sure when, but I will be.


MBNAD woman said…
Look after yourself.
Mad x
Molly said…
Hi Megan,

I started reading your blog a short while ago when I came across it. I really like reading your thoughts on your life and your health. Hope to see you blogging again soon.

Take care,
Moll x x
Kiz said…
Wise to take the helmet i think hun, its pink :-D...thats a good enuf reason i think !

U no where I ALWAYS am if u need me

Jennifer said…
Im also a new reader and will miss your posts. You arent afraid to say how youre really feeling and i admire that. Hope to see you posting soon...and get rid of the IVs quickly!

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