Tuesday, 16 March 2010

So, where have I been?

Erm. Here. All the time.

My life is uber boring in all honesty. I did the getting-IVs-thing on Thurs. And plenty of drip stand skating was to be had. We did try and leave to get some food (seriously, 1pm appointment times do not sit well with the needing food thing) but the nurse said I had to stay in the room. I can't remember whether it was cause colo was going through the drip, or basically, just b/c I had the drip stand, but either way, I was stuck in the room. More or less. I did drip stand skate up and down the corridors. Unfortunately no epic videos were to be had this time. Well, I lie - there's one on my phone but it's being a total douchebag and won't transfer. My addiction to skating on the stand really pisses off the nurse. And also makes my sats drop, which I found out when the lung function tech took my sats and they were lower than usual.

Luckily the colo side effects aren't too bad this time. Last time I had IVs, they lasted basically the entire two weeks. Which is strange b/c it hasn't done that since I first started colo. But this time it's back to normal - I was walking really badly the first few days (which made college so enjoyable(!) walking up the stairs was a fairly good challenge) but it's not too bad now. I just wobble a bit.

I've got constant headaches which are... well, basically doing my head in. It's annoying, and can't be caused by being in front of the computer too much - most of the time they hit when I'm nowhere near the laptop. In fact, it's more or less mostly when I'm outside. Although walking usually means plenty of coughing fits, which means headache galore, pretty much. It's getting annoying though, as painkillers rarely work on them. I'd say I've had a headache every day for at least 3 weeks. So I'm going to try and remember to tell the physio when I have to go for my 6 minute walk test tomorrow. The walk test should go fine - I can generally walk 6 minutes without a problem, as long as I'm not walking up a hill. If I did have to walk up a hill, good luck getting me to walk more than 30 seconds. If that. And that's depending on the hill. Obviously. But none of them are my friends.

Meh, however the walk test goes, I probably won't be very conscious for it - it's at 10am which means getting up way before that considering its a 30 min drive to hospital. I'm used to getting up at 10am for IVs, and that's early enough (When my alarm actually works. I slept in till 11.30 this morning).

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