Monday, 29 March 2010

Listen up.

I've just realised there's a fair few of us who have hearing loss from meds.

We should make a club.

It's not like we'd ever understand a word each other was saying if you took away the blogs or msn or facebook. But there's something about talking to someone who has had their hearing fucked by meds - there's a world of difference between 'getting it' and experiencing it yourself.

Plus, it's entirely different when there's people who can relate to remembering what it was like. Talking on the phone, having effortless conversations and watching tv without subtitles. I remember that stuff. I may have been 10 when my hearing decided to argue with Tobra and fuck off, but I can remember having stupid phone calls with my best friend back then, and even hearing a whispered conversation between my gran and my Dad about a birthday present (I was probably 8 or 9), when I was halfway up the stairs and had my back to them. I heard every word and turned round and asked 'Um, what thing?' (the 'thing' was a remote control car. I was a total tomboy back then!) and my Gran said, ironically, 'Nothing, big ears.'

Anyway. I'm really not sure what my point is. 'Don't take stuff as simple as your hearing for granted'? or 'make the most of what you have'? I wish I did. Hearing loss, for a lot of us with med related hearing loss, is the loudest possible thing. Mainly b/c of the tinnitus.

It's ironic, with how much hearing I've lost (I think it's about 80%) even without my HAs in, I'll never hear silence again.

On the bright side (for me) if people piss me off, I switch them off and just smile and nod at what they're saying. Fuck knows what I'm agreeing to, but at least I don't have to try and listen to them!

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Bitter_Angel said...

Here here! (or should that be hear hear)
You can get amps for phones. There not great but they help a little, but I stick to texts.
Also, not ideal but if you have an itouch/iphone there is a free app where you can get the subtitles for films to play in time with the film, which can help if you go the cinema, though it is still difficult to watch 2 screens at once.

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