Saturday, 20 March 2010

Soon to be swimming like a little fish.

My 6 minute walk test went good. I managed to avoid embedding myself into the walls or tripping over my own feet (although I came close on that one, many times). My Sats behaved and only dropped to about 91/92, and I walked about 380 metres. Not entirely sure how well that means I did, but the physio did say I need to work on my fitness level. Which I whole heartedly agreed with when, later on after an interview at college, I couldn't walk back up the hill to the car, so my Dad drove the car down to where I'd stopped.

By that point I didn't care though. I really, really hate hills.

My physio said I should carry on going on random walks taking pictures (which I love doing and do often as long as I don't freeze, or be a complete idiot and forget a jacket) and I should also start going back swimming. Which I'll admit I've avoided doing for a while now. I swear every time I want to actually get back into it, I'm on IVs. Which sucks b/c obviously I can't swim with IVs. I'm a week into this round and I'm feeling a lot better than I was before I started. I still have the cough from hell, and still don't have all my energy back, but I'm working on this.

Oh and I bought these:
Everyone knows how clumsy I am so you know how quick I'm probably going to break my ankle in them. But for now I'll enjoy being a tad taller until I actually do go head first into the pavement.

I'm still getting headaches a lot too. It's getting beyond annoying b/c nothing ever works to get rid of them. Although today, at college, being in the studio with the lights really didn't help. In the end I went outside for a bit b/c I swear nothing else helps. Actually I doubt that helped much either but I had to get away from the uber strong lights in the studio (Especially after learning that accidentally looking directly into the lights really doesn't help your headache)

Oh and before I forget, when I got my IVs started, my weight was 45kg. Yey! I'm pretty sure that's the highest it's ever been. Which means everyone is finally getting off my back about gaining weight, b/c I am.

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