Monday, 22 March 2010

What I've lost recently...

I loose everything.

It's getting beyond a joke. I've literally considered putting some sort of lo jack tracker on everything I own. Most specifically my keys, b/c they're the worst for it. I think its a skill (other people, not so much) that I can have my keys in my hands, put them somewhere, and two minutes later the buggers have disappeared.

Stuff I've lost (and occasionally found, and probably lost again, with my luck) this month:
  • keys (I'm not gonna even count how many times I've lost them though)
  • my panda hat. I miss it.
  • lens cover for my camera.
  • ONE, yes, just the one of my converses. I found it and then promptly lost the other one.
  • I'm fairly convinced I've lost my DSA form. I need to find that.
  • A couple of leaflets from the job centre. They said I should go on jobseekers allowance (despite the fact I said I don't have the energy to actually work) so eff that...
  • A jacket. Not sure how I loose things that aren't even small, but y'know. It's my skill. So shush.
  • My bank card. Most likely lost that in the middle of Newcastle b/c I'm a winner like that.
  • I've actually lost food too. When you're eating something or about to eat it, put it down for a second and then it's disappeared. And everyone else swears they didn't eat it when I wasn't looking. Last thing was a packet of mini eggs. I'm convinced they've hatched.
  • The tv remote. I loose that a lot too.
  • My phone. Although it's not usually missing for long.
  • My new bank card to replace my old one. I found it after looking for it for 20 mins though.
  • A book from work that I needed for my boss's phone number.
  • Books, in general.
  • A couple of DVDs. I think I found them though.
  • A fair bit of college work.
  • I get lost a lot too. I go out on mini camera mishes and then after 30 mins I'll stop, and think 'Hang on... where the fuck am I?' I consider texting someone to actually find me, but being the stubborn cow I can be, I usually continue walking till I'm either more lost, or things start to look familiar (probably in a 'Flinstones' repeating background sort of way).
I think that's it. In all honest I've probably lost way more than that, I just haven't noticed.


Lauren said...

brightened my day to read, even if it's not so fun for you being an often-object-loser!
Email me and update me on your life if you get a chance? I miss your words :D i would email you first but sadly i have almost no life to speak of :|

Ruth Jay said...

I did a good one a few weeks ago!

Took my glasses off to go for a midday sleep before a nightshift, woke up and they were GONE! they still haven't shown up! ragin, got an appointment at the opticians on wednesday for new specs lol. after weeks of no glasses I feel I really need them back.

constantly losing things!

Tori said...

Ha ha that made me laugh!!

Kate said...

I've lost my glasses whilst wearing them before, despite the fact I can't see without them. Why I didn't think 'I can see, I must be wearing them!' I really don't know.

Anonymous said...

Shame about the panda hat - I liked it!


Gem said...

Hahaha! This made me chuckle! I always lose things as well. Pens-they're behind my ear as I find after 20 minutes of searching for them! I think I'm just forgetful! Xx

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