Monday, 2 February 2009

My day off.

So far things are going well. I'm not coughing as much as I normally would at this point sans IVs, although maybe just enough to suggest maybe going on cipro, when I have my appointment on Thursday. Also, I'm gonna stay in that Dr's room until that rattling re-appears, as it always disappears whenever I'm near a hospital. Today, I spent a large chunk of time rattling and attempting physio in a bid to get rid of the rattling (which I was clutching on straws at the hope it had actually decided to bugger off seeing as I hadn't rattled for about 2 days.) but all I accomplished was feeling too puffed out to cough more. And still rattling. I don't know what it wants from me.

Also, on Thursday, I'll be seeing if I've gained enough weight to have my PEG out. (No that's not me, the only way to put a picture of my PEG up is to put it directly on here. And frankly, I'm too much of a wuss to do it. Its not the most attractive thing to have in the middle of your stomach. Plus, the whopping great scar across my stomach too. Urgh. Actually, when I look again, my scar across my stomach is the same as this one, Only a tad longer I think) Anyhoo, according to the letter from my last appointment, I weighed 42.2 KG or something. And according to the scales at home, now I'm 45 KG. I really hope that those scales are right. I've been wanting it out ever since I got it, when I was 11.

Yesterday, my laptop cord was wrapped round the stool it was sitting on, as I was sitting on the floor, next to the fire. And when I got up, completely forgetting that the cord was busy doing the tango with the stool, it crashed down on my little toe. Ouch! I went to the A&E a little while ago. Luckily it ain't broken (even though it felt like that. Ah well, wouldn't want to break my streak of never having broken a bone in my life would I?) But the bone is badly bruised. The x-ray they took showed a bump on the bone, but no break. Oh, I also got today off school due to the never ending blizzard. Every time you think it's starting to cool off, and may be a good time to go on a little trip around the village for cool snowy photos (despite a protesting little toe) it starts to snow like mad again. I don't go out with my camera in a blizzard like that - I love my camera too much to soak it through with snow. 


Shannon said...

It's a blessing in disuise, us CFers looking years younger than we are. As soon as it stops, you'll want it back again. It didn't stop for me until I was 29 though! My younger brother (4 years younger) used to be treated as the older one all the time! annoying!! NOw I don't mind so much :)

Laura's medical journey said...

I see you have a "button" PEG? im 24 and ive had like a tube PEG since 2007, my hospital are now talking about changing from the tube PEG to the "button" peg. Ive had my peg for 3 yrs now and frankly I'm getting fed up of having the pEG too. But after having a tube one for 3 yrs a button one like yours might be more easier on the eye to look at. Is it comfortable having the "button" peg?

Thanks laura x

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