Monday, 9 February 2009

The waiting game.

Last week, Jenn passed away after a sudden decline. I'd only been reading her blog for about a month, and never commented, even though I found that we're similar, in the fact that we've both suffered hearing loss from Tobramycin. Sucks, doesn't it. Its confusing when you miss someone you haven't met, or didn't really know. She was only 28. That’s not an age to die. And that is why I hate this disease.

Something I forgot to mention last post… my hospital file now has a big blue sticker on it that says ‘Infection control’ which apparently means that they have to check for MRSA during bloods and stuff, but also, according to the nurse, if I get ‘ill’, I have to go straight into hospital apparently, rather than just have IVs at home like I would usually. This is weird news for me, as no one had told me this before and I had MRSA back in November ish.

I hate hospitals, mainly as I have a super short attention span, get bored easily. And they never put me in a cubicle (thus contracting pseudomonas when I was 7, the bastards) But now, this big blue sticker supposedly means my own cubicle if I ever have the need to go in. Which hopefully won’t be a long time. Last thing I need is a stay in hospital to wreck up my coursework and such. The main reason(s) why I hate hospital are those personal TVs. They don’t have a little button to put subtitles on whatever you’re watching (even though other hospitals do) they only have one channel with subtitles. Which rather pisses me off, as I can’t watch anything good.

Hopefully, if I ever have to have a stay, I’ll be on the adults ward, and they’ll actually treat me like an adult. One of the main reasons why I’m glad I’ll get my own cubicle, rather than a bed ward, is the fact that I’ll probably be on a chest ward. Seeing older people dealing with CF, or anything similar, would scare the shit out of me, and all I’d be able to think of is ‘that could be me on a few years time’.

Unfortunately, I still have my PEG in my stomach, as the nurse who is to take it out, was meant to call the other day, but never did. So we called the hospital back up this morning, and they said she'll call today. Its almost 7pm. I wanted to get this thing out tomorrow, as I'm off school, as my teacher isn't in, which means there's little point in us turning up.

The cipro appears to be working, I hope, but I'm still coughing loads, and I'm incredibly impatient, so I need to give it at least a couple more days. Plus, I had a cold, which always delays treatment effects for me. But my left side hurts a lot. Its the exact opposite side from when my chest was rattling in my right lung. This is the exact same place, but in my left lung instead. Owchy. I've coughed my throat red raw, so that's annoying too. Come on cipro, no sleeping on the job!

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Claire said...

I didn't want to make a half arsed first comment, just thought I would say hello and let me know I am your latest follower/stalker.

I am sorry you lost your friend, On one hand blogging is so great because you get to make friends with people you might never of known and become great buddies. On the other hand at times like this, its bloody awful.

My mum is her own little room at the moment because of ruddy MRSA and you have managed to sum up exactly what I feel about the rooms and those horrid little tv's.

I could leave an even longer comment, but I think I may bore you!

Hope the meds kick in soon and less coughing occurs :)

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