Friday, 13 February 2009

The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel.

Oh for goodness sake, I'm already sick of my blog template again. I just want a really nice one that suits me, but I can't be bothered to fork out to pay for one made specially for me by people who make blog templates. Ho hum. Oh, and since writing that '25 things' post, I majorly needed cookie dough. So I made some, and ate it. At considerable speed.

Never stand between me and my cookie dough. If you read number 11 on that list, it indicates that I can be known to have a slight temper. Which is very easily justified depending on the circumstances.

I got my PEG out on Tuesday. The nurse still hadn't called up, so we called back up again. The woman went on and on about some sort of bollocks that could be very simply translated as 'Oh... but I can't be arsed to do it', so my mum took it out instead, as shes qualified for that kind of thing, seeing as she's a nurse, and knows all about PEGs and such. Anyway. I'm FREE!!! Its such a weird feeling. I've had that thing in my stomach for 6 years, I was well and truly sick of catching it, as that is a disgusting feeling. It also was noticeable through t-shirts, as there was always some unexplained bump in the left side of my stomach. So I'm obviously so bloody glad to have it gone. For the past couple of days since I had it out, I've been having uncontrollable 'YEY!!!' moments about it. Its really really strange! I had the dressing changed the other day. Apparently the inside bit (so basically, my stomach) heals first, within about an hour or so. But the outside bit? Nah, that's still a hole. The only way to describe it is probably like an in-belly-button. Yeah, its that weird. It'll take a few weeks to heal fully, but that is totally understandable - it was a hole straight through to my stomach, so I didn't expect it to heal up immediately. (Although when I looked at it when the dressing was changed, I did get a shock, as it is majorly weird to have a hole in your stomach. Plus when I was told that it would start to close up fairly soon after it was taken out, I thought that meant the entire thing, not just the bit in my stomach.) Unfortunately, my PEG hole is rather uncomfortable. It wasn't hurting the first couple of days when I got it out, but now... OW!! I would call it a 'dull ache', but its not. I find it really difficult to describe something CF related to people.

So. Half term this week. Yey!!! We actually got out half a day early on out last day before half term started, as it was snowing again, so the buses came to pick everyone up, to avoid having to pick us up at the usual time, and having to drive through 3 foot of snow. Not that we got 3 foot of snow. It was basically just a precaution, as driving on a snowy road is never fun. So I got home early, and my sister was let home early too, so we made a snowman! I haven't made one in years. Unfortunately it rained overnight, and Mr. Snowman caved over. He was a good snowman though. He had eyes, nose, mouth, arms, hair, buttons... and feet. Yes, feet. Made out of two 'petals' that had fallen off an old garden flower windmill.

I am totally aware that this post is slightly random today. But hey, back to more CF stuff. I'm still coughing all night, which is starting to take it's toll on my throat. Its incredibly irritating to continually wake up at 2am, coughing like mad and gasping for breath. I really hope Cipro gets a shift on soon - I was hoping that Cipro would delay any need for IVs anytime soon, but if I don't stop coughing like this, it'll look like IVs will be inevitable. One of the irritating things about CF is that it takes at least twice as long for a cold to get better, so obviously this has delayed the Cipro at work, but still... its really starting to piss me off.

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