Wednesday, 11 February 2009

25 things.

25 things about me, cuz Jessica tagged me to!! What you're supposed to do is write 25 things about yourself, then tag 25 people to do it too. I don't even know 25 people though the eternal blogosphere, so I'm thinking, you read it, you're tagged. Mainly because whenever I do tag people to do things, they've usually been tagged already. I told you I don't know many people!! Right, fasten your seat belts, we're going in...
  1. I am so unbelievably fussy about food, that I have no favourite meal. As crumpets don’t actually count as a proper meal!!
  2. I am a self confessed ‘lost’ addict. No matter how confusing and time jumpy it gets, once you’re hooked, it’s pretty damn hard not to watch the next one.
  3. I found out about the CF life expectancy when I was 14, from someone who was supposed to be a friend. And the worst thing was, she handed these pages of ‘research’ (three printouts from a site about CF) to me with a massive grin on her face. I’ve never forgiven her. And never will.
  4. I’ve recently fallen out with my oldest friend, who I’ve known since she was born. She started smoking, and asked me if I did. I practically slapped her. She knows I have CF, knows that its hell on earth for me sometimes, and everyone knows that you can get a chronic illness from smoking. The fact that she’s 15 only increases this chance. She said she started smoking ‘because her friends do’. Way to smack down peer pressure, huh? Possibly an overreaction, but y'know...
  5. I only decided I really liked photography less than a year ago. Now I’ve applied to a 2 year photography course in college!
  6. I’ve never been fully conscious in the recovery room after an operation. I’ve woken up, maybe once in there, but I was incredibly groggy and my eyes were still blurry. I still wonder what the recovery room looks like, and try and wake up properly, just to get a look.
  7. I haven't told any of my friends or family about this blog. I'm not even sure if I want them to read it or not.
  8. When I'm older, I want a dog, as it'll give me a good excuse to get up off my arse everyday to walk it, thus getting at least some exercise. Unfortunately my sister is allergic to 'animal fur/pheromones' which means either I don't get one, or she never visits. Bugger.
  9. I am obsessively tidy, and will tidy things if I get a chance. Even my little sister's room, despite the fact that she will mess it up within 10 seconds.
  10. My bedroom is the only thing that is allowed to resemble a trash site.
  11. When I was 13, I punched a 17 year old in the face, for taking the piss out of me to his friends, because I'm small. Suffice to say, it turns out I have a pretty hefty right hook!
  12. When the time comes, I DO want a lung transplant
  13. I don't actually like plain chocolate much, and hate white or dark chocolate
  14. I never want my hair short. Well, I want it long enough so that I can always hide my hearing aids behind my hair
  15. I’ve never worn my hair up in a pony tail (or in anyway that shows my ears) for school, for… um… 6 years. Ditto amount of years that I haven't talked on the phone.
  16. At school, when you’re in year 10, you get work experience for 2 weeks. I was told to go to ‘collectables’, a place where A LOT of fragile stuff is. I feel it is quite an accomplishment that I only broke 4 things. That I’m aware of.
  17. I got a B in food technology for GCSE (which was a mix of coursework and exam work. It would have been a better grade had I remembered all that crap about baking bread, and yeast and such, during the exam)
  18. I am apparently quite a good cook. Strongest points are probably cakes.
  19. I love to eat uncooked cookie dough. Frequently.
  20. My sister dyed 6 pink streaks in my hair when I was 14. I. Looked. An. Idiot.
  21. I’ve had 7 operations.
  22. I had braces for only 6 months.
  23. I learnt tap, ballet and jazz/modern dance for eight years. The teacher was a complete bitch, and yelled at tiny 3 year olds when they did things wrong.
  24. I daydream a ridiculous amount
  25. I have a terrible memory. I’m sure I thought of several other things to write here, but obviously forgot them before I got a chance to write them.
If you didn’t get bored during that, have a cookie. You deserve it!


Anonymous said...

Meg, I also am addicted to Lost(tonight at 9pm in the states). I have had 5 surgeries. That's it. I don't have a blog so I won't list anymore.

HalfCrazy said...

Way to go for slapping someone lol. Have you heard Macy Gray's Slap A Bitch? It's a song about slapping bitches as she grows older LOL. Anyway, it's funny how your friend told you she started smoking because all her friends do it too.

I've been to an operation room once (when they got the cyst out from my left boob) and I can say it's not very pleasing. Too many pointed stuff, some people gasping for breath and I don't know the rest as I was really high and dizzy from the anesthesia.

Tell your blog to people who you think you care or know you very well. But hey, it's your life..

Much Love,

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