Friday, 6 May 2011

The list

Looking at my list, I've realised that a lot of things on it aren't that difficult to achieve, they're just the things you never bother to get round to doing.

Take yesterday for example : I went to Nandos.

Going to nandos was on my list. Mainly b/c I've heard so many people rave about it and I've never been before. Its not the most difficult thing to go there and order some food, I live near a few of them. But I'd just never gotten round to it. I went for lunch yesterday and I have no idea why I've never been before. They're so kind in there, and I'll be honest, it's not very often you get a restaurant with such nice staff. We said we'd never been before so they gave us a 20% discount which was unexpected coolness :) I'll definitely be going back. The fit waiter was just an added bonus on top of realllllly nice food!

Back to the list... I've decided to add a few more things onto it. Things that are more challenging and will actually involve effort, not just things you can just tick off day to day cos that gets boring. So this'll make life more interesting.

Finally... I'm not sure how many of you know Bree, but if you read her blog you'll know it's been quiet for a while. She doesn't have CF, but did have a double lung transplant in August 2009, due to having bronchiectasis. She was doing great, and then in Jan/Feb she started getting ill. It progressed into her eventually loosing the majority of her sight and now shes legally blind. I read an update on her facebook page the other day where it said shes in ICU, being fed through NG and pretty unresponsive. Her body is attacking itself but they're not sure why. They think she can hear everything they say and can tell when shes distressed but that's about it. They've got some of the best people from north America working on her I've heard. But I'm not gonna lie; I'm scared. I'd talk with her a lot on msn, and haven't been able to talk with her since she got sick, she was online less and less as her eyesight got worse. I miss her. And she NEEDS to get better. A 25yr old shouldn't have to be going through this. All I can do is hope and send mendy vibes that she'll get better. She has to. No other option.

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Gem said...

Bloody hell! I didn't realise quite how ill Bree was! I knew that she had gone blind but I didn't realise the full extent of it. I'm keeping everything crossed for her. There is no way she should be going through this. Life is so unfair sometimes.

Big cuddles for you!!

Loveeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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