Monday, 16 May 2011

Happy birthday Gem!

Woo, twenteen! Hope you have a brilliant day :) xx

So, I was *meant* to be having some sort of reflux test today. I got to the endoscopy unit, and proceeded to be incredibly unhelpful once called into the room. I realised what it entailed (tube down my nose, no thanks...) and didn't want it done, and was pulling every excuse possible - the fact that I feel like crap, have a cold, and have been coughing so much I'm bound to throw the stupid tube up at some point in the next 24 hours meaning it would be slightly pointless. Didn't work and eventually I realised I wasn't getting out of there easily. I felt it was kind of pointless though - its a test for reflux, I'm already on meds for reflux which I had to stop for 2 weeks for the test, and then I'd go back into the meds anyway. The bloke kept on about how it can determine if I'm getting the correct dosage but I don't exactly have a massive reflux problem anyway so I think the drugs I'm on now are doing the job.

They kept stressing how it was a tiny tube, I've had NG tubes before but this would apparently be a hell of a lot smaller. Was it fuck! The actual tube was small, I'll admit. They left out the part that to start with they'd be using a great big huge tube that was, well, massive. The dr tried to put it down my nose. I say tried, cos it hurt like hell and I backed off and after listening to him repeatedly tell me that if I change my mind I can go back (not likely if I'm honest) I left. But, as I couldn't eat anything before the test (Aka, I was a grumpy bitch to put it lightly!) I got breakfast from the cafe and my dad phoned clinic which was just downstairs, basically saying that I feel like crap and we need to do something - I have the most impressive disgusting cough, and I'm getting no sleep for it and have basically little to no energy so it's getting so ridiculous. This is what happens when I get one stupid little cold!

They phoned back and I've got to go to clinic at 2pm, which to me seems a bit pointless as I'm at hospital next week on wednesday anyway. But I can't wait this long with this sort of cough. Whatever they suggest, I won't be taking cipro - I had the oh-so-fun argument with my dad last night when he suggested that I take cipro for the week and then get IVs at clinic next week. Just b/c cipro has a habit of temporarily increasing my lung function whilst I'm on the drug, everyone thinks it works. Despite the fact that I feel like shit on it, and that my lung function goes back to what it was, if not lower.

*Le sigh*

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Gem said...

:D Thank youuuuu!

Reflux test- eeep really don't blame you for getting out of there! I would have smacked him one if he kept coming at me with a massive tube! My reflux is terrible, if I miss just 1 omeprazole it's a total nightmare!

I'm glad that they sorted you out quickly in clinic! My physio just texted me that they want to see me tomorrow at 3.30. I'm basically doing my presentation at 2, then haring down the motorway to get to clinic on time! Ahhhhh!!!


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