Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A lot of things can change in a year.

Thank you for all the comments I got on the previous post. At least I'm not the only one who feels like that. Truth be told it's a daily feeling but time just came to snap and write it all down. I was in a bit of a bitchy mood so I'm glad everyone didn't just tell me to get lost and wallow in my pissed off hole! I wouldn't blame you if you did though!

Anyway, as I was saying... A lot of things can change in a year, and its funny how they can be both sudden and gradual. I went on a walk with my cousin today, attempting to take the same route we took last year to get to Bluebell Woods. It's massive, and everything looks the same, but we were aiming to find a clearing full of bluebells so we could take loads of photos.

Didn't *quite* go to plan, considering we got beyond epically lost. The only down side to the day was the fact that I was so exhausted. Last year I didn't have much of a problem walking that far, sometimes I felt so well and could walk so far that I almost felt... dare I say it... Normal. I used to be able to walk for ages. The walk we went on last year, we ended up walking about 3 1/2 miles, getting lost through the woods and ending up in a Quarry. This time I was already pretty tired walking down the hill to my cousins house. I kept going, I usually refuse to stop and just go a bit slower instead. I stopped so many times. I don't mean stop for 2 minutes leaning against a tree to get your breath back kind of stop. I all out just sat on the floor and coughed, got out of breath and ended up with a whacking headache. I was dead on my feet by the time we got back home.

I feel like shit is the general outcome of this walk! I had a temperature (pretty sure I shouldn't be wearing a hoodie in this warm weather!! But I had to cos I felt freezing) a headache, felt dizzy and was way dehydrated. Not trying this again in a hurry, that's for sure.

I've almost finished my three weeks easter holidays and I think I've gotten too accustomed to being able to sleep in till whenever. I've not just done nothing though. I've completed about half of the project we've just started, and almost completed the assignment which is due on 12th May and it wasn't fun, to say the least. About 17 reports, and I've almost completed them all. Just a 1000 word reflection to go (!)

Annnnd I get my car tomorrow. So excited :) I've still not passed, so I have to have someone who is over 21 and passed for at least 3 years sitting next to me whilst I'm in my car, but hopefully won't be too long till I do pass, I'm way more comfortable learning in the ford fiesta, and I've stopped stalling completely. A massive problem I had with the Suzuki cos I can't hear the engine so kept stalling a lot right up till my test :S I think the instructor I have now is a lot more professional though. And b/c of her mirror on the windscreen letting me lipread her, it means we can have a bit of a chat instead of being relatively quiet and only talking once I've pulled over.

Now time for too many photos. I tend to do that :D

Ignore the name on some of them... haha some are out of my portfolio therefore I've put my name on them to make them look a tad more professional :D


Gem said...

ow fuck I just headbutted the door!

Anywaaay, lovelovelove the photos. I showed my gran some of your work and she was all up for paying for some of them!

I know what you mean about the walking. Last year I could walk a mile up hill into the town centre. Ok I had to take breaks to catch my breath but I could do it. Now I can't even get to the top of the road. That's the beauty of having a car :D

Fiesta's are really great to drive. They're quite hard to stall (unless you're my sister. She stalls it all the time). They're really responsive and easy to feel the biting point so yay for all that!!!!

I'm so excited about you getting your car too!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!

Loveyou xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Talented photos.

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