Saturday, 28 May 2011

Finally finished.

Year 1 at college is DONE!!


Right, if we're getting technical, I've still got one last tutorial - a 10 minute one on one talk with the tutor to find out the results of my last 2 submitted projects, and to find out if I'm into year 2. A lot of us aren't worried about this - one of the projects is part 2 of something, so if you passed part 1, then you've passed the whole thing as the two grades just get added together. Plus, you can still fail two projects and get into year 2 anyway. Most of us have passed everything so far, so it wouldn't even matter if we failed the final project (But yeah, that would kind of be a kick in the balls). I actually finished on 20th May as that was the final hand in date, but I have been, in fact, sitting around doing fuck all since.

That people, is what I do best.

Msn is so boring now. I used to talk to Bree a lot on there. And whilst we hadn't talked for a little while due to her eye sight going, it was different b/c I knew she was at least alive. And now shes gone I find myself looking for her name when I sign in. It's the lungy people who are usually on msn the most and you can usually find someone to talk to. But now I've noticed it's really quiet. It kinda sucks.

In other news, I managed to completely forget about a driving lesson, b/c I'm a total winner and misread the date - I thought that the lesson was on Friday at 1.30. But it was actually on Thursday. So I got a text whilst I was in nandos (Again. My god, people, that food is heaven) asking if I was okay, b/c I've never missed one before, so it was a bit out of character apparently. I'm still getting charged for the lesson I missed (booo) but she managed to fit me in for a lesson on Friday to work on maneuvers cos that's what I suck at most. And that's what she wanted to work on in Thursdays lesson - I don't practice maneuvers in my car when I'm out and about, and I just park shittily in any space I can find. I also use the hell out of my disabled badge just b/c I can, and b/c I sort of enjoy the annoyed look on the faces of the old jealous people. So, I'm not looking at missing Thursdays lesson as a fail b/c a, I went to nandos, b, I drove there, which is what I'd do for 3/4 of my lesson, in between chatting and being crap at parallel parking, and c, I got another lesson for Friday anyway.

Isn't my life fun?

I'm trying not to be a whiney bitch (aka, some of my recent posts in the past couple of months) but sometimes the only way out is to bitch and then you can just carry on with life, kicking small children in the face when they piss you off and so on. But the odd outburst is inevitable and you either feel better for it, or you feel all your good karma evaporate and it can only be solved with.. oh, this would do nicely:

Yes please :)

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Gem said...

Oh hello! Yes please!!!

Yay for finishing! I will make it my aim to get on MSN a bit more. I'm so crap at remembering it's there! Hahaha kicking kids in the face. Excellent.

Thought you might like to know that my cat doubles up as a draught excluder. Stretched out he's virtually the same height as me. Excellent.

lovelovelove xxxxxxxxx

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