Sunday, 22 May 2011

Yet more driving adventures

Taking inspiration from Clarey and her blog post on car adventures, I've decided to make my own. And now I'm slightly worried considering the fact that I've only had my car almost a month now...

1) I've parked so close to another car that my passenger had to climb out of the drivers side as there wasn't enough room to open the door. In fairness I was parked fine in my bay, it was the person next to me who was parked basically on/over the lines...

2) Parking in a suitable not-too-far and not-too-close distance from the petrol pump to not look like, for lack of better words, a knob, is really difficult

3) Failing so badly on a parallel parking attempt that the front of my car was right up against the front of the car infront of me (so, number plate to number plate) I'd gone slow so there was no scratches or marks but GOD that was embarrassing. Especially the people who decided to stop and laugh.

4) Ticket machines. I've only had to try this once so far, at the hospital, but I parked so far away I was literally leaning (head, shoulders, entire torso) out of my window to reach the button, then had to scramble back in to make sure I got through the barrier

5) It's worth remembering that it helps to take off the handbrake when you want to move

6) I fail on so many levels at opening my petrol cap. It's got to be unlocked turning it one way, and then you turn it the other way, and I can never remember which way is the right way

7) I'm not the best parker... basically I'm still in the lines, just a little bit wonky

Bare in mind I haven't passed my test yet. So there's still hope for me yet...


Gem said...

I HATE ticket machines! Regardless of how close I am to the machine, I still have to undo my seat belt and hang my entire torso out the window. My mum makes me drive when we go to the hospital just for her own entertainment!!!!



Mc Clarey said...

Hahahaha I LOVE these, keep them coming! I have the ticket machine problem too and also the same when I go to a drive through I'm always too far from the window that I cant reach the food!


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