Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Deactivation & driving adventures.

I deactivated my facebook the other night. Not entirely sure why I did. In honesty it's like I've just cut myself off from a hell of a lot of communication, especially with other CFs as that's basically the main way (bar texts) that I talk to people, seeing as I don't go on the forums anymore and I'm inconvenient and can't talk on the phone. Oh well. The people who give a shit have my number so I can still talk to them :) Dunno how long it'll last for, probably only a few days tbh! I'll admit I still go and look at Loz's page, like, daily.

I'm not sure how I'm doing at the moment. I think I'm starting to go down the 'I need IVs' hill again. Yay. It's always gradual so it can be hard to tell. But the more and more frequent hemos are a nice smack in the face which remind you that *maybe* the lunguars are actually being diligent little drug addicts and want the hardcore stuff again. The taxi driver dropped me off at the lower building at college this morning. I couldn't be arsed to say I go the building at the top and just decided that it's a 2 minute walk up the hill so I'll be fine.

I wasn't.

I spent the two hours of my lecture just suffering for it. Massive headache, clearly low sats, even my fingernails were a bit blue which was just wonderful... that is the last time I think of that hill as a 'quick 2 minute walk'. I'm not sure when I'm back at hospital, I think it's in a couple of weeks. But on the 16th I have a reflux test so that'll look glamorous. I go back the next tuesday to have the silly tube taken back out and then I just cabbage about until college at 1pm that afternoon. I've agreed with my dad that I'll drive there as my tuesday afternoon lessons in the digital room are short (and a bit boring) so he won't have to wait long till I can drive back home. Can't wait until I can drive on my own and don't have to annoy people by making them wait about doing nothing!

I have actually already had an erm... 'encounter' with someone whilst driving. I was in the Ikea car park, and a bloke completely ignored my (bright red) car, and stepped out in the middle of the road forcing me to brake. I parked in a disabled bay (which tbh probably pissed him off more even though he was parked in a bay too b/c he was with someone who uses a badge too) and when I got out he came over and started yelling at me that I shouldn't have stopped in the middle of the road like that. Apparently he would rather I knock him over!! The fact that he got into an instructors car (I'm guessing he's an instructor unless that little old dear is the instructor, which I doubt) and that I have L plates on my car means he really should take that stick out of his arse and cut me some slack.

He should also invest in some glasses. Wouldn't go amiss.

I've shrugged this off and don't care about the bloke. I am wondering how long till I start getting people bitch at me cos I get out of the car with no wheelchair/visible disability in sight. Old people stare a lot. Clearly they're jealous. Just like when you leave the pharmacy with 4 bags stuffed with drugs.

Here's a picture of my car :D


Sophie-Anne said...

You are not on facebook!!!
Oh no megs! I will miss u but hope you are ok and keep your blog up to date so i know how you are doing xxx

Tori said...

You are worrying me!! You know you can always email me if you want to chat!! I know we're not massively close but I'm always here if you need me xx

Chandler said...

The new car looks sweet! Congrats and be careful!

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