On a grand scale...

It's fucking 6am!! Gah... I swear it's never been this bad before. I'm considering a bunch of stuff:

  • That drinking coffee tomorrow all day, is the only way I'll be able to function. Despite the fact I've never drank it before (Yep, sorry Pete, there's that stroke/heart attack I've probably just caused)
  • That drinking coffee NOW is entirely reasonable. If I could just be bothered to get up
  • That bothering to go to sleep now would just be a waste of time
  • Besides, I'm hungry
  • Really hungry
  • And I can't sleep when I'm hungry.
  • That the half formed ideas in my head might be good blog posts
  • But until they're actual ideas, I'm going with Tori's suggestion and blogging about last Saturday.
  • I got halfway through that blog before giving up for the night earlier.
  • That even through the haze of a LOT of drink and the fact that I mainly just remember loads of giggling like an idiot, it turns out I remembered a fair bit about Saturday.
  • Also, Ducks walk funny.
Anyway. Thanks Prednisolone, for keeping me up past and beyond stupid o'clock, and also making me ridiculously hungry.


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